UNSW Futures

The UNSW Futures initiative provides a framework for facilitating cross-faculty and cross-disciplinary work, driving innovative approaches to research, addressing scientific and social challenges, and positioning UNSW as a big picture visionary university of the future.

Global challenges. Robust platforms.
Real and tangible impact.

The UNSW Futures initiative presents a bold new framework for addressing humanity’s major challenges through innovative inter-disciplinary and cross-faculty research. UNSW will invest up to $200M in new and emerging areas which build on and link our existing strengths.

  • forge UNSW’s reputation as a rising globally-significant research powerhouse

  • a beacon for international & national recruitment

  • a drawcard for philanthropic, industry & government support


UNSW Business School Professor to co-chair T20 task force
Scientia Professor John Piggott has been selected to help G20 nations decide how they will cope with ageing populations

Opinion: Time to consider hydrogen, the new clean energy carrier on the block
Scientia Professor Rose Amal says the case for hydrogen as a fuel has been well made but there has been little investment to bring it to scale

UNSW Next Generation Batteries Researcher wins Rennie Memorial Medal
Dr Neeraj Sharma has won the Rennie Memorial Medal which recognises his remarkable achievements in less than eight years of professional work

Opinion: Renters Beware: How the pension and super could leave you behind
Rafal Chomik say if you rent, you are highly likely to live in poverty in retirement

UNSW-China partnership moves into manufacture of graphene cables
Large-scale manufacturing of next-generation graphene power cables, which promise to cut electricity costs and improve grid transmission, will be rolled out under the second phase of a major collaboration between UNSW Sydney and Hangzhou Cables

Top UNSW biomedical researcher wins Eisenhower Fellowship
Leading pancreatic cancer expert and health policy advocate Associate Professor Phoebe Phillips has received a 2019 Eisenhower Fellowship