UNSW Futures

The UNSW Futures initiative provides a framework for facilitating cross-faculty and cross-disciplinary work, driving innovative approaches to research, addressing scientific and social challenges, and positioning UNSW as a big picture visionary university of the future.

Framework and How to Apply

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UNSW Futures - Solutions for Tomorrow

UNSW Futures Institutes are expected to drive innovative interdisciplinary approaches to research that addresses some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, by combining an umbrella framework for broad interdisciplinary coverage across the University, with focal investment in research excellence initiatives through the SHARP program. UNSW Futures Institutes receive core funding to support their operations, seed-funding for new interdisciplinary research projects, and a commitment of funding for a number of SHARP hires.

Application Process

A call for Expressions of Interest for the first set of UNSW Futures Institutes was issued in October 2017. From this, fourteen full applications were invited, which resulted in four Futures Institutes being launched in September 2018.

A second round of UNSW Futures Institute applications will open in 2020 – further information will be published here once timelines and guidelines are finalised.