UNSW Futures

The UNSW Futures initiative provides a framework for facilitating cross-faculty and cross-disciplinary work, driving innovative approaches to research, addressing scientific and social challenges, and positioning UNSW as a big picture visionary university of the future.

UNSW Futures Institutes

Enabling optimal ageing for individuals and society.

Ageing Futures – Our Vision
Ageing – Why We’re Investing

Inventing technologies to decode individual cell DNA, chromatin, RNA and protein outputs that will be used for precise diagnosis and precision treatment of human disease.

Cellular Genomics Futures – Our Vision
Cellular Genomics – Why We're Investing

Future-proofing global energy systems to ensure reliable, secure, affordable, sustainable energy.

Digital Grid Futures – Our Vision
Digital Grids – Why We’re Investing

Transforming the future of materials and manufacturing research in energy, transport, information technology, and healthcare.

Materials & Manufacturing Futures – Our Vision
Materials & Manufacturing – Why We’re Investing