UNSW Futures

The UNSW Futures initiative provides a framework for facilitating cross-faculty and cross-disciplinary work, driving innovative approaches to research, addressing scientific and social challenges, and positioning UNSW as a big picture visionary university of the future.

Become a Partner

We’d love for you to become a partner of our UNSW Futures Institutes. There are lots of ways you can become involved:



Get on board - participate in a research project

Check out the relevant UNSW Futures Institute website for information on opportunities or contact the Institute Director if you have an idea for a new collaborative research project


Connect with us - fund a new research project

If you would like to fund a UNSW Futures Institute to undertake a particular research project, please contact the relevant UNSW Futures Institute Director


Join the pursuit - donate funds to a UNSW Futures Institute

If you support the vision of our UNSW Futures Institutes and would like to donate funds to support their goals, please contact the UNSW Futures Operations team and/or the relevant UNSW Futures Institute Director