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by Scientia Professor Perminder Singh Sachdev


Andrews G; Dean K; Genderson M; Hunt C; Mitchell P; Sachdev P, 2014, Management of Mental Disorders, CreateSpace

Sachdev PS; Keshavan MS, 2010, Secondary Schizophrenia, Cambridge University Press

Sachdev PS, (ed.), 2010, Secondary Schizophrenia, 1, Cambridge University Press, U.K.

Sachdev PS, 2009, The Yipping Tiger and other tales from the neuropsychiatric clinc, 1st, UNSW Press, Sydney, Australia

Sachdev P, 2006, Akathisia and Restless Legs, Cambridge University Press

Waite PM; Sachdev PS; Rodriguez M; Duflou J; Brown J, 2004, Fatalities in older drivers and pedestrians: Neuropathological evaluation of pre-clinical dementia, First, Motor Accidents Authority NSW, Neural Injury Research Unit, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW

Book Chapters

Wijeratne C; Reutens S; Draper B; Sachdev P, 2012, 'Psychiatric disorders in ageing.', in , pp. 243 - 269,

Sidhu K; Sachdev PS, 2012, 'Pluripotent stem cells and neurodegenerative diseases: basic science to clinical application', in Sidhu KS (ed.), Frontiers in Pluripotent Stem Cells Research and Therapeutic Potentials Bench to Bedside, edn. First, Bentham Press, UAE, pp. 95 - 112

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Journal articles

Gautam P; Anstey KJ; Wen W; Sachdev PS; Cherbuin N, 2015, 'Cortical gyrification and its relationships with cortical volume, cortical thickness, and cognitive performance in healthy midlife adults.', Behavioural Brain Research,

Lowe A; Dalton M; Sidhu K; Sachdev P; Reynolds B; Valenzuela M, 2015, 'Neurogenesis and precursor cell differences in the dorsal and ventral adult canine hippocampus.', Neuroscience Letters,

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