FAQ: Researcher Profiles - Tags & Codes

What are FOR & SEO codes?

FOR (Field of Research) and SEO (Socio Economic Objectives) Codes are a part of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) used to measure and analyse R&D undertaken in Australia and New Zealand. FOR and SEO Codes are used throughout the Researcher Profiles as tags which identify researchers by research areas. 

What has changed as of June 2021?

The 2020 FOR codes have replaced the 2008 FOR codes and are now available for researchers to add/update on their UNSW Researcher Profiles page. The 2020 update provides an expanded selection of FOR codes for researchers to choose from. For the most current list visit the Australian Research Council webpage. You can find a Guide to Updating FoR codes here.

Why use the codes in Researcher Profiles?

Researcher Profiles are a great way to expose your profile to a broader audience online. Along with keywords (any word on your page is a keyword since text is searchable), FOR and SEO tags work like library catalogue key terms, providing a way to group content and improve findability. FOR and SEO based tags are already familiar to the Australian and New Zealand's research community as they are used in census surveys, grant applications etc.

How do I insert the codes?

In your Researcher Profile, add/update Fields of Research (FOR) 2020 by typing discipline names in the relevant section, e.g. Physics. The predictive text system will automatically match the relevant FoRs. You can find a Guide to Updating FoR codes here.

Other Useful Information:

For an overview and step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Researcher Profile page on UNSW’s Researcher Profiles platform (ResGate) click here.