COVID-19 Update

updated 23/08/2021

For overarching UNSW Guidelines please visit

When is the next Animal Care & Ethics Committee (ACEC) meeting?

ACEC meeting dates and submission closing dates can be found on the UNSW RECS webpage:

The ACEC will continue to review Animal Research submissions via its regular schedule of meetings, however this will be done virtually.

What is the process to obtain ethical approval for COVID-19 related animal research?

New animal research relating to COVID-19 where required can be reviewed by ACEC via an extra ordinary meeting process. All submission must be completed within Animal Ethics Online, however researchers must also contact the Animal Ethics Team ( to request review via this meeting process.

How do I make changes to my approved animal research project?

All researchers wishing to modify their approved animal research project are required to seek approval from the ACEC via submission of a modification within Animal Ethics Online.

Can researchers transmit COVID-19 to wildlife?

For a discussion on the topic and guidance on precautions where applicable please refer to the Wildlife Health Australia website for updates. In addition, ANZCCART now has a COVID-19 web page containing useful resources and links on animal welfare and research.

Who can I contact for assistance regarding my Animal Research?

The Animal Ethics team continues to work remotely. If you are having difficulty reaching the team via phone you can email  or send a chat message to one of the following via Microsoft Teams Chat:

  • Animal Ethics Officer – Rosa Becerra T: 02 9065 8489
  • Research Ethics & Compliance Support Officer – Nancy Anders T: 02 9065 8362
  • Manager, Research Ethics & Compliance – Samela Husakovic T: +61 2 9065 8520

When is the next Animal Care & Ethics Course and Refresher Course?

Face to face courses have been largely replaced with online courses due to COVID-19, apart from targeted animal procedures training. For details please visit the Animal Care & Ethics training page.

Who do I contact if I require veterinary assistance in regards with my research animals?  What do I do if my animals are sick?

Please send an email to DVCR RECS Animal Care at or call or leave a message for any veterinary-related issues:  

Dr Josephine Joya  0466 778 752

Dr Lucie Nedved 0466 201 323

Dr Arthur Chau 0435 533 799

Who do I contact if need assistance with tissue sharing?

Please email  DVCR RECS Animal Care:

What if I need assistance animal ethics applications or reports with animal welfare issues or experimental procedures involving laboratory animals?

Please email  DVCR RECS Animal Care: