UNSW Pricing Tool

The UNSW Pricing Tool should be used to calculate UNSW indirect costs on externally funded research grants and contracts within the scope of the UNSW Procedure for Pricing Externally Funded Research.

The UNSW Pricing Tool has been developed to support UNSW researchers undertaking externally funded research including contract research and consultancy projects, and competitive grants that allow the inclusion of indirect costs

The tool enables projects to be appropriately priced in accordance with the UNSW Competitive Neutrality and Pricing Policy and associated UNSW Procedure for Pricing Externally Funded Research. They provide relevant background information and advice on how to use the UNSW Pricing Tool .


All UNSW staff can access the pricing tool using their UNSW z-pass authentication - this requires login to the Research Website.

Access the pricing tool here:




Note: The Pricing Tool works with Internet Explorer (v8 or higher), Safari, Firefox & Chrome.

If you need to upgrade Internet Explorer, please contact your local IT administrator or the UNSW IT Service Centre on x51333.

Pricing Tool Help Manual 


Additional information on the new Procedure and the UNSW Pricing Tool can be found in the UNSW Procedure for Pricing Externally Funded Research. In-built help functionality and a separate help manual for using the UNSW Pricing Tool are available after logging in to the Tool.

Features of the Pricing Tool
  • Online – note browser requirements above
  • Calculates project price to the sponsor/funding agency inclusive of UNSW indirect costs
  • Enables market price adjustment where appropriate
  • ‘Save’ functionality allows researcher to work at their own pace in developing the budget
  • Final budget can be exported to excel