ERICA | Chief Investigators and Users

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What are the next steps?

Preparation Phase 

Chief Investigators, please ensure: 

  • the project has all required ethical approvals

           - you will need to provide:

             * the name of the Ethics Committee that provided the approval

             * an approval reference number, and

             * an approval end date 

           - all proposed ERICA users must be named on relevant ethical approvals

           - ERICA should be named as data hosting and analysis facility

  • all data custodian approvals and data sharing agreements are in place 

  • proposed users have been assigned specific roles in accordance with ERICA Governance

  • relevant project codes (Funds/Department/Project) can be provided for billing purposes 

How is a Project Space created?

Creation Phase 

Once all preparation tasks are complete, please visit the ERICA Forms and Resources Centre (login using UNSW zID required) to submit an ERICA 01 - Project Space Request form.

During the Creation Phase:

  • participate in a technical consult with the System Administrator

  • all Users complete mandatory on-line ERICA training

  • UNSW IT accounts are created for any external Users

  • all Users submit ERICA 02 - New User Request forms

  • Users new to ERICA participate in an onboarding session with the System Administrator

How is a Project Space maintained?

Maintenance Phase 

Please visit the ERICA Forms and Resources Centre to:

  • update a Project Space or User details 

  • manage large data files - Chief Investigators and Project Controllers only

  • submit a proxy server allow list request

  • submit a custom request

How is a Project Space closed?

Hibernation and Closure Phase

Please email ERICA to request a technical consult with the System Administrator to discuss requirements.



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