ERICA | Establishing Cloned Instance

Due to current capacity, we will be unable to establish any new Cloned Instances prior to late-2021. However, you can register your interest in being placed on a waiting list by contacting ERICA. The establishment of ERICA Cloned Instances is restricted to Australia at this time, but we are exploring options that will enable Cloned Instances to be established in other AWS Regions.

What contractual arrangements are required?

A licensing agreement must be entered into with NewSouth Innovations Pty Limited (NSi), a subsidiary of UNSW.

What does a license cost?

The license fee is currently $50,000 (plus GST) for a one-year subscription but may be subject to change.

What is included in the license?

The license allows for the creation of up to 100 Project Spaces and the deployment of an unlimited number of User WorkSpaces.

By purchasing a license you become part of the ERICA network, with the license fee used to support ongoing maintenance and enhancements to the system. Members of the network provide input into the ERICA development roadmap and can propose new features and functionality.

What is excluded from the license?

Operational costs are the responsibility of the Operators of each Cloned Instance and include system administration. Operators of each Cloned Instance are responsible for the purchase of software licenses. The UNSW Instance of ERICA utilises an educational UNSW-wide site license.

Management, apportionment, and billing of AWS infrastructure costs and project-specific costs are the responsibility of Operators.

Once a Cloned Instance has been established, can the framework be used to establish a further Cloned Instance for third parties?

No. The terms of the license are non-transferable, and only extend to the establishment and operation of the Cloned Instance referred to within that agreement.

Is it possible to establish more than one Cloned Instance if required?

Yes. A single institution can operate more than one Cloned Instance.

Is support and maintenance provided?

Tier 3 expert product and service support is provided, as well as liaising with Amazon Web Services when required. However, the terms of the agreement do not extend to helpdesk services. System fixes, upgrades, new releases, and enhancements will be provided to Operators within the license period. Access to any updated resources and reference materials will also be provided during this period.

What happens at expiry of the licensing period?

Upon expiration or termination of the license agreement the Operator may continue to use ERICA for its licensed use, but will no longer receive new updates, features, or support.

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