Associate Professor Danielle Ni Chroinin

Fields of Research (FoR)

Geriatrics and Gerontology, Central Nervous System, Aged Health Care, Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences not elsewhere classified


Associate Professor Danielle Ní Chróinín is a Consultant Geriatrician and Director of aged care research, Liverpool Hospital, and a Conjoint Associate Professor with UNSW Medicine. She holds dual fellowships in Geriatric and General Medicine, with >15 years experience in clinical and academic geriatric medicine, here and in Ireland. She completed her doctoral thesis (2014), and present research focusses on collaborative multidisciplinary...view more

Associate Professor Danielle Ní Chróinín is a Consultant Geriatrician and Director of aged care research, Liverpool Hospital, and a Conjoint Associate Professor with UNSW Medicine. She holds dual fellowships in Geriatric and General Medicine, with >15 years experience in clinical and academic geriatric medicine, here and in Ireland. She completed her doctoral thesis (2014), and present research focusses on collaborative multidisciplinary research focusing on patient-centred care of older persons, including those from priority populations. She has extensive experience in the conduct of clinical research, with 50 scientific peer-reviewed publications, first author on 23, senior author on 8; H-index 20 (17 on Scopus), i10 index 25 (Google Scholar). Multiple (>85) presentations at national/international scientific conferences, and an invited speaker at scientific conferences here/abroad. Danielle has an active interest in teaching and supervision, including supervising ILP/honours students and supporting early career researchers in the geriatric research sphere.

My Qualifications

MB BCh BAO (1st Hons), BMedSc, MD (Research), MRCPI, FRACP (Dual: Geriatric and General Medicine)

Professional memberships of ANZAHPE and ANZSGM.

Executive member, Age ad Ageing Clinical Academic group, SPHERE and Co-chair of the Models of Care working Group, Age and Ageing Clinical Academic Group, SPHERE.

Co-Chair of Liverpool Hospital Falls Prevention and Management Committee.

Co-lead of the Orthogeriatric Clinical Practice Guide and Models of Care committee, NSW ACI.

My Awards

  • U.C.C. Entrance Scholarship on basis of Leaving Certificate Results, 1999
  • Bord na Gaeilge / University College Cork Scoláireachtaí Gaeltachta (Irish Scholarships), 2000, 2002
  • College Scholar award on basis of end-of-year exams, 2002, 2003, 2004
  • U.C.C. James M. O’Donovan Prize in Medicine, 2004 (Highest Score in class)
  • National Universities of Ireland Henry Hutchinson Stewart Scholarship in Medicine, 2004 (Highest score amongst all medical graduates at National Universities of Ireland)
  • National Universities of Ireland Henry Hutchinson Stewart Commendation in Paediatrics, 2004 (Fourth amongst National Universities of Ireland)
  • Clinical Dean’s Award for teaching (South Western Sydney Clinical School, UNSW Sydney), 2018

My Research Activities

Summary of Research Publications and Presentations                                                                               

  • Over 50 research papers and research letter publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, of which first author on 23, senior author on 8, and several papers currently in process of submission to peer-reviewed journals.
  • Over 85 presentations at national/international scientific conferences, and an invited speaker here and abroad.
  • Current work includes research focussing on improving care of older people with hip fracture, the care of people from priority populations especially in relation to dementia care, and improving end of life care for frailer older patients.
  • H-index of 20 (17 on Scopus) and i10 index of 25 (Google Scholar).

RTO: 2 periods of maternity leave totalling 18 months since 2016.


1)    Research Papers & Research Letter Publications

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