Associate Professor Joshua Zeunert

My Expertise

landscape architecture, urban design, sustainability, resilience, regenerative design, urban agriculture, food systems


Fields of Research (FoR)

Landscape architecture, Urban design, Land use and environmental planning, Architecture


Dr Joshua Zeunert is a Scientia Associate Professor and Registered Landscape Architect at UNSW in Australia. He has over 16 years of academic experience, previously holding positions of Lecturer at Deakin University (2015-18), Writtle School of Design, U.K. (2012-15) and the University of Adelaide (2010-12). He was also a casual academic at the University of New South Wales (2007-09) and University of South Australia (2010). His academic...view more

Dr Joshua Zeunert is a Scientia Associate Professor and Registered Landscape Architect at UNSW in Australia. He has over 16 years of academic experience, previously holding positions of Lecturer at Deakin University (2015-18), Writtle School of Design, U.K. (2012-15) and the University of Adelaide (2010-12). He was also a casual academic at the University of New South Wales (2007-09) and University of South Australia (2010). His academic expertise encompasses scholarly and design research and program management, with extensive teaching spanning 50 unique subject units and thirteen academic programs including landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, planning, architecture and garden design. Research includes three award-winning books, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability (2017), the Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food (2018), in addition to book chapters, journal articles, and creative and non-traditional research. Josh became the first Australian landscape architect to receive a prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) ‘DECRA’ scholarship (2020-23), and the first landscape architect at UNSW into its high performance Scientia Program (2020-24).
    Zeunert possesses a practice background with internationally award-winning design offices, including Taylor Cullity Lethlean (Adelaide/Melbourne, 2010-12), McGregor Coxall (Sydney, 2006-09) and Peter Stutchbury Architecture (2005). He specialises in integrating environmental design, research and strategy into project visions and spatial design practice. His spatial abilities range from the intercontinental to national, to regional planning, strategy and design, to civic and urban design, as well as detailed design and documentation. He was integral in a range of significant international, national and state award-winning projects and lead-consultant roles including Ballast Point Park; Green Square Town Centre Public Domain; Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga; Bowden Urban Village; Adelaide Riverbank; National Gallery Australia; Mildura Waterfront; Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project; and competition-winning entries.
    Other career highlights include the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) National Future Leaders Scholarship (2009), the Adelaide Magazine’s Urban Warrior feature (2008), and having his portrait displayed at the Celebrating Innovators exhibition at Federal Parliament House (2012). He served as AILA NSW President (2019-2020), was a founding member of the award-winning Biocity Design Research Studio (2006-09) and weekly radio show The Plan (2011-12). He has two decades of involvement with landscape architecture professional institutes and is a keynote speaker at international conferences. He regularly contributes to workshops, forums, juries and panels. Zeunert’s multidisciplinary tertiary qualifications span landscape architecture, architecture, built environment design and environmental studies. His PhD was one of the first by Publication in landscape architecture.

My Grants

2020-24  |  UNSW Scientia Program, $120,000

2020-22  |  Australian Research Council, DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award), Scenario testing for sustainable Australian agricultural landscapes to 2050, $417,128.

2019  |  UNSW FBE: ECR Grant: Sydney’s Food Landscapes, Past, Present, Future, $13,000

2017  |  Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Anglesea Land Use Scenarios, $12,500

2017  |  Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, Anglesea: Healing the Scar, $10,500

2016  |  Melbourne Metropolitan Rail Authority, Creating Healthy Places, $24,984

My Qualifications

2018  |  Doctor of Philosophy (by Publication) - Deakin University, Australia

2011  |  Master of Architecture - University of Adelaide, Australia

2004  |  Bachelor of Landscape Architecture - (Honours 1st) - University of Adelaide, Australia

2003  |  Bachelor of Architecture - University of Adelaide 

2000  |  Bachelor of Design Studies - University of Adelaide (L.Arch, Arch., Env. Studies)

My Awards

2024  |  International AVA Digital Awards, Gold Award: FOOD | LANDSCAPES | AUSTRALIA  (over 2,700 entries from 30 countries). 

2023  |  International MARCOM Awards, Gold Award: FOOD | LANDSCAPES | AUSTRALIA  (over 6,500 entries from 50 countries).

2023  |  awwwawards: Honourable Mention: FOOD | LANDSCAPES | AUSTRALIA

2020  | UNSW Scientia Program (2020-24)

2019  |  Australian Research Council, DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award), Scenario testing for sustainable Australian agricultural landscapes to 2050.

2019  |  Landscape Institute UK, Finalist in Communication & Presentation: Book: Landscape Routledge Handbook of Landscape & Food.

2019  |  AILA NSW: Award in Research & Communication: Book: Landscape Routledge Handbook of Landscape & Food.

2018 | Landscape Institute UK, Highly Commended Award in Communication & Presentation: Book: Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability: Creating Positive Change through Design.

2017 | AILA National: Excellence Award in Research & Communication: Book: Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability: Creating Positive Change through Design.

2017 | AILA VIC: Excellence Award in Research & Communication: Book: Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability: Creating Positive Change through Design.

2017 | World Landscape Architect Awards (WLA) Shortlist: Research & Communications: Book: Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability.

2014  |  AILA National: Award in Research & Communication: Tickle Booklets (Taylor Cullity Lethlean): Zeunert, J. (ed.) (2012) victoria square/tarntanyagga; esd, Melbourne: TiCkLe/TCL.

2012  | AILA VIC: Award in Research & Communication: Tickle Booklets: (TCL): Ibid.

2011 | Radio Adelaide: Best Team: The Plan: Architecture, Environment and Affect, 101.5 FM Wed’s 6-7pm.

2010-16 | Project: Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga: Various AILA / PIA / Urban Design / Gavin Walkley National and State Excellence Awards (TCL).

2009-11 | Ballast Point Park: Various International, National and State Awards (McGregor Coxall)

2009 | AILA National - Bruce Mackenzie Future Leaders Award & Scholarship

2008 | AILA NSW: Planning: Jury Citation for Innovation in Planned Communities, Green Square

2007 | AILA NSW: Education: Special Citation for New Directions, The Biocity Studio (McGregor Coxall)

2004 | AILA SA: Rodney Beames Memorial Graduating Student Prize (Adelaide Parklands Final Project)

1998-2004 | Golden Key Honour Society Invitee (Highest 10% of university achievers)

1997 | SSABSA Merit List

My Research Activities


Zeunert’s research includes books and chapters with industry-leading international scholarly publishers: Routledge, Bloomsbury, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, Cambridge Scholar and CSIRO.


(forthcoming) Zeunert, J. & Daroy, A., Sydney's Food Landscapes, Palgrave Macmillan.

Zeunert, J. & Waterman, T. (eds.) (2018) The Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food, Routledge: London.

Zeunert, J. (2017) Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability: Creating Positive Change through Design, Bloomsbury: London/New York.

Zeunert, J. (ed.) (2012) Victoria Square/Tarntanyagga; Environmentally Sustainable Design, Melbourne: TiCkLe/Taylor Cullity Lethlean.



Zeunert, J. (2024) Bridging Rural and Urban Disconnections: Spatial Graphic Explorations of Australia’s Livestock Landscapes. In Pernice, R. & Chen, B. (eds) Urban Regeneration and Rural Revitalization in Australia and China, Routledge.

Daroy, A., Zeunert, J. & Gairola, R. (2024) Waves of Cognition: Towards an Australian Blue Shakespeare Ecosystem. In  Hansen, C. & Newlands, M. (eds.) Critical Approaches to the Australian Blue Humanities, Abingdon & New York: Routledge.

Zeunert, J. & Court, T. (2023) Translating unique agricultural precedents into public urban agriculture design, In Droege, P. (Ed) Urban and Regional Agriculture: Building Resilient Food Systems, London: Academic Press/Elsevier, 431-456. 

Zeunert, J. (2022) A multidimensional sustainability framework for landscape architecture: are diverse outcomes being realised in design practice? In Bishop, K. & Corkery, L. (eds) Routledge Handbook of Urban Landscape Research, Routledge: Oxon, 280-295. DOI: 10.4324/9781003109563-23.

Court, T. & Zeunert, J. (2022) Novel horticultural adaptations to climate and their unique landscapes. In Yang, Y. and Taufen, A. Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Cities and Landscapes in the Pacific Rim, Routledge: Oxon, 164-179. DOI: 10.4324/9781003033530-16.

Zeunert, J. & Freestone, R. (2022) From rural lands to agribusiness precincts: agriculture in metropolitan Sydney 1948-2018, In: Brisotto, C. & Lemes de Oliveira, F. (eds.) Re-imaging Resilient Food Landscapes - Perspectives from Planning History, Cham, Switzerland: Springer: 247-272.

Grimm, B. & Zeunert, J. (2020) Short-sighted Visual Character Concerns in Renewable Energy Landscapes: A Case Study of South Australia, In, Kurochkin, D., Crawford, M. & Shabliy, E. (eds.) Discourses on Sustainability: Climate Change, Clean Energy, and Justice, Palgrave Macmillan, 91-124.

Zeunert, J. (2020)  Synergistic Food Production, In: Roos, P. (ed.) Heal the Scar: Regenerative Futures of Damaged Landscapes, Live+ Smart Research Laboratory, Deakin University, Melbourne, 43-44.

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Zeunert, J. (2016) Urban Agriculture Upscaled: can economic returns and social benefits co-exist in public green spaces? in Roggema, R. (ed) Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Planning, Taylor & Francis: London: 107-125.

Zeunert, J. (2015) Digital Presentation Plans: Still the Foundation of Landscape Design Representation? in Amoroso, N. (ed) Representing Landscapes: Digital, Routledge: UK: 71-82.



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Zeunert, J. (2023) Soil Life(less), Chthonic: Inhabiting the Underworld, SASA Gallery, 9-22 October. DOI: 10.26190/150r-eg69

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2021-2024, Editor (Landscape Architecture), ICONARP



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2023, Keynote, Dust to Dust, AILA Festival of Landscape Architecture. Adelaide, 21 October.

2023, What the f#$d? Landscape digitisation linking food choices and production landscapes. University of Augsburg, Germany. 21 September 2023.

2023, Murray, L, Daroy, A & Zeunert, J. Anthropoiesis: Ecological Soundscape Design for the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennial, Sound, Image, Text: Symposium, ANU, Canberra, 25 August.

2023, Daroy, A, Zeunert, J. & Murray, L, Anthropoiesis, Environment Communication: Science Inspired Arts Delivered Interdisciplinary Symposium, James Cook University, Cairns, 5 May.

2023  |  Calibrating ~Urban Food Production, Urban Dialogues: Food and the City, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, 21 June.

2021 | Inside out, upside down…? Landscape, pedagogy, research and the outdoors: a critical reflection Stop and Think: European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools, SLU Uppsala Sweden,

2021  |  Keynote Speaker, Landscape Architecture and Food Production, IFLA Agriculture and Landscapes Group launch, 7 Aug.

2020  |  Royal Commission into the State of Australian Cities, Melbourne Design Week, NGV, 12 March

2021, Keynote, International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Agriculture and Landscapes Group Launch, 7 August.

2020, Speaker and Panellist, Royal Commission into the State of Australian Cities (mock), Melbourne Design Week, NGV, 12 March.

2018, Keynote, Multidimensional Sustainability in Landscape Architecture, ILASA Bi-annual Conference, Drakensburg, South Africa, August 13.

2017, Downton, P., Jones, D., Roös, P., Zeunert, J. & Barrett, L. (2017) Biophilia in Practice: Putting Theory & Patterns into Railway Infrastructure Planning & Design, Ecocity World Summit, Melbourne, July 14.

2017, Jones, D., Liu, G., Chen, J., Martek, I., Beza, B., Zeunert, J & Roös, P. (2017) Greening Chongqing: Enhancing ‘Double Happiness’ and Mountain‐City trails as an Eco‐city Strategy, Ecocity World Summit, July 12.

2016, Keynote, Curator & Panel Chair, New Natures, AILA 50th Anniversary Festival of Landscape Architecture, Canberra, 27-30 October.

2014, Yield Operations: (Re)Fitting Urban Agriculture in Existing Green Spaces for Economic and Other Benefits, The Association of European Schools of Planning, Van Hall Larensteun University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, 4-7 November.

2012, Why Should we Grow Food in Cities? University of Essex / Writtle College 5th Joint Conference, 23 November.

2010, Why Should We Grow Food in Cities? What Needs to Change to Make it Happen? From Paddock to Plate Conference, UniSA, Adelaide, 13 February.

2009, Landscape Design: From accessory to principal player in restoration, renewal and recovery, Melbourne, Green Planning & Design Conference, 29 June.



Zeunert, J. (2017) Beyond the ornamental: agriculture and the city, Foreground, November 9.

Zeunert, J. (2017) Beyond the desal’ plant: water security in a post-carbon world, Foreground, June 8.

Zeunert, J. (2011) Edible Public Spaces, InDaily, 7 July: 7. 

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2012, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) Delegation to South Korea as ‘Emerging Researcher’, Impacts of Climate Change on Urban Living, 11-18 May.

My Engagement


2020 |  Landscape Architecture & Multidimensional Sustainability, Department of Landscape Architecture, Chung Yuan University (CYCULA) Taiwan, 19 March

2017  |  Landscape Architecture & Multidimensional Sustainability, The University of Adelaide Speaker Series, 7 March.

2015  |  Landscape Architecture & Multidimensional Sustainability, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand, 15 June.

2014  |  Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability, Martha Schwartz Partners Studio, London, 28th March. 

2012  |  BARC: Lateral Thinking Landscape Architects, Adelaide, 21 June.

2011  |  VEIL Food Sensitive Planning and Urban Design Workshop, Adelaide, 22 November.

2011  |  15x15 @ Roarkus Moss Architects, Adrenaline, Adelaide, 9 September.

2009  |  CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Cities as Living Systems, Lecture, Sydney, 4 September.

2008  |  Indigenous High School Students, Landscape Architecture, Sydney, 2 July.



2006-2012, 2017-  |  Registered Landscape Architect, AILA  (No. 1485 / 7960)

2012-16, 2018-  |  Landscape Institute (UK) Academic Member, AMLI

2017-  |  American Society of Landscape Architecture, ASLA, International Member



2019- 2020  |  Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, NSW President

2015-  |  AILA National Accreditation Review Team (Chair, RMIT Visit 2018; Team, UMelb. 2016)

2015  |  Landscape Institute (UK) Awards Chair: Student Dissertation

2014-  |  Reviewer: Manuscripts for Journal of Landscape Architecture (JOLA) and Landscape Journal

2014-  |  Reviewer: Landscape Architecture book proposals for Bloomsbury and Routledge publishers

2011-12  |  Co-host and founding member: The Plan: Architecture, Environment and Affect, Radio Adelaide, Wednesdays 6-7pm

2011-2012  |  AILA SA Executive Committee

2012  |  Mentor for AILA Registration

2011  |  AILA  SA  Awards Jury

2009  |  AILA NSW Environment Committee



2020  |  Australian agriculture in 2050: what will it look like? UNSW Newsroom, 13 Jan.

2012  |  Portrait of Joshua Zeunert in Exhibition, Celebrating Innovators, Janis Lander (artist), Federal Parliament House, Canberra, November.

2012  |  Farming the City: Harvesting a City’s Natural Resources, Collect Magazine: Special Edition: 5000+: on Great Cities and the Coffee Shop, 25-27.

2012  |  Design Atlas South Australia: The Plan Radio Show, Integrated Design Commission, August, 94.

2009  |  Creative Catalysts 100 list - Biocity Studio, Creative Sydney Festival.

Dettman, R. (2008) Urban Warrior: Adelaide’s Greenest Expat? The Adelaide Magazine, October: 48-52.

2008  |  Green Schemes, The Adelaide Magazine, August: 18.



Campbell, L (2020) The Case For Edible Public Spaces in Cities, Modern Farmer, 6 Oct.

Moon, L (2019) Elegant edible gardens: An emerging new trend in garden design, Domain, 2 Sep

Tovey, N. (2014) Grow Food Not Lawns: The Fertile World of Foodscaping, (Interview, print & web publications) Wellspring, Eco Issue.

2011  |  5000+, Green City Forum, Integrated Design Commission,

2009  |  Winner: McGregor Coxall for Ballast Point Park, BPN, Interview/print, December: 22.

McDonald, S. (2009) How Green is your Landscape?, BPN, (Interview, print & web publications), November: 30-31, 33.



2020  |  Food in Public Spaces, 2SER Mornings 107.3, 5 Oct.

2020  |  Edible Public Spaces, Food & Wine Show, 2GB Radio, 28 Sep.

2017  |  Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability: Creating Positive Change through Design, Dig It, The Pulse Geelong, 94.7, Saturday 10 July.

2017  |  Landscape and Food, Gastronaut, Radio Adelaide, June 17.

2009  |  Making Cities Sustainable, Grant Cameron, ABC Radio Adelaide 891, April 29.



2011  |  5000+, Green City Forum, Farming the City, Adelaide, July 15.

2009  |  How Green is your Garden? Stirring the Possum, Adelaide, 28 April.



2020 |  Keynote Speaker, CanAssist Open Garden Day, Dubbo, 5 April.

2019  |  Keynote Speaker, Clever and Creative Lecture Series, Deakin University, Geelong, 14 Nov.

2019  |  Future Proofing the Profession: Next Gen, Speaker and Panellist, International Festival of Landscape Architecture, Melbourne, 11 October.

2019  |  MC for Gender Equity Breakfast, AILA NSW, Sydney, 3 October.



2020  |  WellCity Adelaide, City Wellbeing Pilot, Roundtable, Natural & Built Environment, 7 Aug.

2009  |  National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) - Climate Change Adaptation, Sydney, 30 April.

2009  |  Environment Round Table: Jay Weatherill, Minister for Environment & Conservation, Adelaide, 18 February.

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