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  • Nuclear fuel technology
  • Metallurgy - specifically alloys in the titanium, zirconium and uranium systems
  • Materials for fusion reactors and Generation-IV fission reactors
  • Virtual reality, human-machine interfaces and remote handling
  • Modelling energy systems for integrating nuclear power with other resources


  • High performance computing: ab-initio materials modelling through Density Functional Theory (VASP, CASTEP)
  • Neutron transport, criticality and neutron/gamma shielding simulation
  • In-situ diffraction characterisation (neutron, X-ray) for phase/texture/crystal structure analysis - including radioactive or fissile/fertile samples
  • Electron microscopy, micro/nano-scale composition analysis
  • Fuel cycle simulation, burn-up analysis, activation/depletion calculations
  • VR hardware, UnReal Engine, depth capture, z-cameras
  • The best in new teaching methods, blended learning, leadership development; online course design; leveraging global teaching networks


Nuclear engineers in Australia work in vital industry, government and research sectors spread throughout the economy.

  • Nuclear medicine production
  • Nuclear medicine applications
  • Uranium mining
  • Nuclear waste treatment, storage, and deposition
  • Nuclear facilities decommissioning
  • Radiation safety, radiation shielding
  • Gen-IV reactor research - Australia has joined GIF
  • Fusion reactor and fusion energy research
  • Safety critical systems, (e.g. rail, transport, defence, aerospace), high reliability control systems
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Defence, counter-terrorism, export controls
  • Non-proliferation and nuclear safeguards
  • Federal (ARPANSA) and state (EPA) regulatory agencies
  • Electrical utilities and electricity market regulators

Countries in our Asia Pacific region countries are driving ahead with ambitious nuclear build programs to deliver clean energy. Additional sectors in this much larger context:

  • Electricity production, nuclear power
  • Nuclear education, training
  • The nuclear engineering supply chain
  • The nuclear fuel supply chain

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