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Black JJ; Dolan A; Harper JB; Aldous L, 2018, 'Kamlet-Taft solvent parameters, NMR spectroscopic analysis and thermoelectrochemistry of lithium-glyme solvate ionic liquids and their dilute solutions', Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 20, pp. 16558 - 16567,

Black JJ; Harper JB; Aldous L, 2018, 'Temperature effect upon the thermoelectrochemical potential generated between lithium metal and lithium ion intercalation electrodes in symmetric and asymmetric battery arrangements', Electrochemistry Communications, vol. 86, pp. 153 - 156,

Wu J; Black JJ; Aldous L, 2017, 'Thermoelectrochemistry using conventional and novel gelled electrolytes in heat-to-current thermocells', Electrochimica Acta, vol. 225, pp. 482 - 492,

Aldous L; Black JJ; Elias MC; Gélinas B; Rochefort D, 2017, 'Enhancing thermoelectrochemical properties by tethering ferrocene to the anion or cation of ionic liquids: Altered thermodynamics and solubility', Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 19, pp. 24255 - 24263,

Al Maimani M; Black JJ; Aldous L, 2016, 'Achieving pseudo-‘n-type p-type’ in-series and parallel liquid thermoelectrics using all-iron thermoelectrochemical cells with opposite Seebeck coefficients', Electrochemistry Communications, vol. 72, pp. 181 - 185,

Anari EHB; Romano M; Teh WX; Black JJ; Jiang E; Chen J; To TQ; Panchompoo J; Aldous L, 2016, 'Substituted ferrocenes and iodine as synergistic thermoelectrochemical heat harvesting redox couples in ionic liquids', Chemical Communications, vol. 52, pp. 745 - 748,

Black JJ; Murphy T; Atkin R; Dolan A; Aldous L, 2016, 'The thermoelectrochemistry of lithium-glyme solvate ionic liquids: Towards waste heat harvesting', Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 18, pp. 20768 - 20777,

Lau BBY; Luis ET; Hossain MM; Hart WES; Cencia-Lay B; Black JJ; To TQ; Aldous L, 2015, 'Facile, room-temperature pre-treatment of rice husks with tetrabutylphosphonium hydroxide: Enhanced enzymatic and acid hydrolysis yields', Bioresource Technology, vol. 197, pp. 252 - 259,

Alzahrani HAH; Black JJ; Goonetilleke D; Panchompoo J; Aldous L, 2015, 'Combining thermogalvanic corrosion and thermogalvanic redox couples for improved electrochemical waste heat harvesting', Electrochemistry Communications, vol. 58, pp. 76 - 79,

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