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Berger JJ; Harris IM; Whittingham KM; Terpening Z; Watson JDG, 2020, 'Substantiating synesthesia: a novel aid in a case of grapheme-colour synesthesia and concomitant dyscalculia', Neurocase, vol. 26, pp. 29 - 35,

Birney DP; Beckmann JF; Beckmann N; Double KS; Whittingham K, 2018, 'Moderators of learning and performance trajectories in microworld simulations: Too soon to give up on intellect!?', Intelligence, vol. 68, pp. 128 - 140,

Whittingham KM, 2016, 'The Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia', PERCEPTION, vol. 45, pp. 350 - 353,

Whittingham KM; McDonald JS; Clifford CWG, 2014, 'Synesthetes show normal sound-induced flash fission and fusion illusions', Vision Research, vol. 105, pp. 1 - 9,

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