Dr Mohammad Karimi Moridani

My Expertise

I completed a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering-Electronic with distinction in 2006. I further completed MSc in Biomedical Engineering-Bioelectric in 2008. I received my PhD in Biomedical Engineering-Bioelectric in 2015, which focused on the development a novel method for mortality prediction of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular patients admitted in ICU. Before joining UNSW Australia in 2022, I worked as assistant professor in the ‎Biomedical Engineering Department at ‎TMSIAU, Iran. 

I am interested in Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Nonlinear Time-Series Analysis, and Cognitive Science. I have experience in ECG, EMG, PPG, and EEG Signal Processing in Detecting and Predicting diseases and disorders such as Epilepsy, Apnea, Parkinson, and Cardiac Diseases. Moreover, in recent years, I completed several projects on Image processing such as Pattern Recognition, Breast Cancer, Face Beauty Detection, and etc.
I have strong background to use MATLAB and Python programming languages. I am proficient in many Python environments such as Google Colab, Spider, Pytorch, IDLE, and so on. Furthermore, I could easily write MATLAB code and design various models in SIMULINK. Additionally, I am capable of designing different Deep Learning models in MATLAB and Python.

I am currently working as Postdoctoral Associate Researcher at the UNSW Australia. Ultimately, I hope to harness this information to improve various disease detection ‎and model development for different fields, especially biomedical and ‎biological‏.‏

Fields of Research (FoR)

Machine learning, Deep learning, Data mining and knowledge discovery, Image processing, Signal processing

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My Qualifications

Postdoctoral Associate Research (2022-Present)

PhD of Biomedical Engineering-Bioelectric (2011-2015)

MSc of Biomedical Engineering-Bioelectric (2006-2008)

BSc of Electrical Engineering-Electronic (2002-2006) 

My Research Activities

My Qualifications

Postdoctoral Associate Research (2022-Present)

PhD of Biomedical Engineering-Bioelectric (2011-2015)

MSc of Biomedical Engineering-Bioelectric (2006-2008)

BSc of Electrical Engineering-Electronic (2002-2006) 

My Research Activities


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