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2013, Iran’s nuclear future, ABC,

Taylor NAJ, 2013, Will Australia erode or build trust with Iran?,

Taylor NAJ, 2012, A.Q. Khan’s fourth customer: India?,

Taylor NAJ, 2012, Israel’s Bomb: Or, Finance as the Undoing of Foreign Policy,

Taylor NAJ, 2012, The silencing of West Papua,

Taylor NAJ, 2012, The think tank that didn’t,

Taylor NAJ, 2012, What Julia Gillard can learn from the pages of Playboy,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, An inventory of Australian WikiLeaks cables relating to cluster munitions negotiations,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, Artists Mustn’t Sully the Principle of Human Rights,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, Australia driving the push for nuclear disarmament? Hardly,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, Australia’s Cluster Bomb Conundrum,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, Australia’s Middle East diaspora on the competing "harms" of the Israeli BDS campaign,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, Must arguments for a denuclearised Middle East be "breathtakingly naive"?,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, November 1: the 100th anniversary of the air raid,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, Remember, Tehran’s “nuclear ambiguity” was learnt from Israel,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, Rudd on the floor on the Vann wagon,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, The bomb Iran contagion – This Blog Harms,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, The chronicles of Saddam: Robert Manne, The Australian and Iraq’s WMD,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, The Lowy Institute’s bizarre rebuttal,

Taylor NAJ, 2011, War reaps $400 million in 24 hours - don’t worry, it’s just "entertainment",

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