Dr Sarah Jarrar



My Qualifications

Doctor of Medicine (The University of Sydney)

My Research Activities

Currently, my research activities involve preparation of a manuscript for publication: Examining the relationship between in-hospital cost and the severity of post-operative complications following cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy. This was also presented as a poster at the Peritoneal Surface Oncology Group International (PSOGI) 13th International Congress on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies (2023) and The University of Sydney Research Symposium (2023).

Other research activities of mine include: Does Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Delay Adjuvant Chemotherapy? A Retrospective Case Series, research which was presented as a poster at the Australasian International Breast Conference (AIBC) 2022 and Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Symposium (2022).

As part of a surgical Breast Reconstruction Research Group, I am currently participating in research investigating sensation preservation post-mastectomy, with preliminary results to be published in the near future.

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Liverpool Hospital