Dr Svetlana Tkachenko has expertise in the following:

Topic areas:

  • building ventilation
  • renewable energy
  • aerodynamics
  • automotive applications
  • air conditioning

Modelling techniques:

  • computational fluid dynamics
  • computational modelling of fluid flow and heat transfer, such as natural convection, turbulence, multi-phase flow
  • numerical methods
  • data analysis and visualisation
  • programming to automate numerical simulations and data processing
  • high-performance computing at Katana UNSW and Gadi NCI


  • ANSYS -- engineering numerical simulations
  • OpenFoam -- computational fluid dynamics simulations (free and open-source software)
  • Tecplot -- visualization
  • MATLAB, GNU Octave -- data analysis and visualization (Octave is free and open-source software)
  • Bash -- shell scripting in Linux environment
  • Fortran -- scientific programming