Professor Jacqueline Close

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Hip fracture care

Prevention of falls and injury in older people


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Aged Health Care


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Professor Jacqueline Close is a consultant Geriatrician at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney and Clinical Director of the Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre at Neuroscience Research Australia. Her primary research area is falls in people with cognitive impairment and dementia and particularly the relationship of cognitive function to postural stability, falls and fractures. She has an interest in the impact of falls and injury to health service use and the way in which health services are designed to prevent and manage falls and injury in older people. She is Co-Chair of the ANZ Hip Fracture Registry, and Past-President of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine

My Grants

Current NHMRC Grants

  1. Close JCT, Harvey LA, Harris IA, Mitchell R. Identifying and addressing unwarranted clinical variation in hip fracture care to improve health outcomes. 2019-2023, $799,254. NHMRC Project Grant 1164680

  2. Delbaere K, Lord S, Clemson L, Close JCT, Howard K. Engaging and supporting older people in fall prevention in the community: International Implementation Study. 2018-2023, $3,437,184. NHMRC Partnership Project 1151934

  3. Cross-comparison, validation and performance of computerised neuropsychological assessment devices in the evaluation of mild cognitive impairment and dementia. 2017-2020. NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research 1135908 Role - AI

  4. Delbaere K, Clemson L, Close JCT, Zijlstra R. Evaluating “Standing Tall” – an engaging home-based exercise program using mobile technology for maximizing long-term adherence and preventing falls in older people: randomized controlled trial. 2015-2018, $763,511. NHMRC Project Grant 1084739

  5. Close J, Kurrle S, Taylor M. NHMRC Partnership Centres for Better Health: Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre. 2015-18, $472,118.

  6. Close JCT, Clemson L, Sherrington C, Kurrle S, Hill K. Preventing Falls in Older People with Dementia. 2014-2018, $1,295,000. NHMRC Project Grant 1060191

Current Non-NHMRC Grants

  1. Brodie M, Delbaere K, Canning C, Lovell N, Lord S, Lung T, Fung V, Reeves J, Close J, Schreier G, Henderson E, Latt M and Carroll V. StandingTall-PD. An engaging neuro-rehabilitation program using eHealth technologies to reduce step-time variability, prevent freezing of gait and falls, and enhance independence in people with Parkinson’s disease: a placebo randomized controlled trial. Michael J Fox Foundation $700,000 Start date Jan 2019.

  2. Allen N, Canning C, Sherrington C, Clemson L. Integrate: a tailored and multifactorial program for safe mobility in people with advanced Parkinson’s disease. Parkinsons NSW, $99,972. Role AI. Start date 2018.

  3. JCT Close, IA Harris, E Armstrong. Funding toward Australian New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry Commonwealth Government of Australia $300,000. Work ongoing.

  4. JCT Close, IA Harris, E Armstrong. Funding toward Australian New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry South Australia Health - $125,000. Work ongoing.

  5. JCT Close, IA Harris, E Armstrong. Funding toward Australian New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation - $125,000. Work ongoing.

  6. JCT Close, IA Harris, E Armstrong. Funding toward Australian New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry Queensland Health - $125,000. Work ongoing.

  7. JCT Close, IA Harris, E Armstrong. Funding toward Australian New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry WA Health - $50,000. Work ongoing.

  8. JCT Close, IA Harris, E Armstrong. AMGEN award for Australian New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry. $150,000. Work ongoing.

  9. N Allen, C Canning, L Clemson, C Sherrington, S Lewis, J Close, S Lord, S Paul. One size does not fit all: the feasibility and acceptability of a tailored and multifactorial fall prevention program for people with Parkinson’s disease, Ageing in Place Seeding Grant, Uni Sydney, $19,973. Start date Sept 17.

  10. L Harvey, JCT Close, I Harris, R Mitchell, I Cameron, P Sarrami. Using linked data to evaluate and improve hip fracture care. NSW Health - Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Partnership Research Funding. $63,576 Start date June 17.

  11. JCT Close, P Crowe, M Bennett, C Norris, M Taylor, L Harvey. Care of Older People in Surgery. NSW Ministry of Health Translational Research Grant. $370,840. Start date: Sept 16.

  12. JCT Close. Better care costs less – a shared care approach to older surgical patients. South East Sydney Innovation Grant. $150,000. Start date: July 16.

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My Awards

2008 Australasian Journal of Ageing Book Award

2011 Journal of Physiotherapy Paper of the Year 2010 Award

2017 Research Australia, 2017 Health Services Research Award

2018 Team of the Year Award – South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

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3 PhD students

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