Australian-Owned Satellite Database 1967-2023

Survey results and visualization



Until December 2023, Australia possessed a total of 52 space objects, comprising 50 satellites and 2 rocket bodies.

This study presents an analysis of historical data on all Australia-owned satellites launched since 1967, starting with the inaugural Australian satellite, "WRESAT." Data was collected from various space catalogs and databases, including some based on orbital software data files and others referenced by satellite operators. It's important to note that the resulting dataset on Australian spacecraft is informative but not authoritative. This highlights the challenge of establishing precise spaceflight information. Nonetheless, the dataset includes information on each satellite's mission, launch year, operational status, mission type, application, operators, mass, volume, and more. Visual aids like graphs and histograms are included to provide a quick overview of Australia's historical spaceflight endeavors. Furthermore, the findings showcase Australia's in-house capabilities for space mission design, production, and operation.

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