Computational modelling to create a virtual map of arterial shape and blood flow

Coronary Atlas, statistical modelling, computational modelling, fluid dynamics, simulations

Research Project seeking students: Cardiovascular disease is the single largest killer in the world, causing heart attacks and strokes. Experimental investigation of underlying principals are key in combating this epidemic, however individual considerations are still completely missing.

We are continuously expanding the Coronary Atlas, which is a virtual map of arterial shape and blood flow. Using in-house build tools to run bash programmed batch processes on the National Computing Infrastructure we can fast process hundreds of medical CT images at the time. These are then computationally modelled to reveal hemodynamic processes which directly link to clinical risk. This large data set enables unique, personalised insights .

This work forms the foundation for groundbreaking considerations for a personalised heart disease research and will result in the improvement of clinical practice.

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