Database for SD27

Ground-truth Database for NIST SD27

License Agreement
This Ground-truth database is a pixel level latent fingerprint segmentation Ground-truth  database  for  NIST  SD27  plus  some  segmentation  results generated by our method. Download link:

The NIST SD27 database is a public database provided by National Institute of Standards and Technology in collaboration with FBI. Download reference to NIST website: 

Unfortunately,  this site does not provide download anymore and we are not in a position to redistribute the dataset. Please contact 
NIST for further advice.

This  License  Agreement  applies  to  the  above-mentioned  Ground-truth database.  Redistribution and  use  of  this  database  are  permitted  if  the following General Conditions (GC) and Specific Conditions (SC) are met:

General Condition (GC):
The  use  of  this  database  is  for  the  purpose  of  research  only.  Anyone downloading the 
database must agree the following: (i) The website host and the contributors have the right not to 
answer any queries. (ii) No any liability whatsoever could be imposed on the website host and 

Specific Conditions (SC):
(1)Following reference [1] must be cited in any paper/report that makes any use of the relevant 
data. Some details of this database and how to use them can be found in the reference.
(2)Redistributions   must   reproduce   the   License   agreement   in   this document.

[1] Y. Zhu, X. Yin,  X. Jia, and J. Hu, “Latent fingerprint segmentation based on  convolutional  
neural  networks,”  IEEE  Workshop  on  In Information
Forensics and Security (WIFS), 2017 (pp. 1-6).