Environmental geodesy: variations of sea level and water storage in the Australian region

Australia is ominously situated in a period of significant environmental change caused by continued warming of the Earth. Changing sea-levels and variation in national water storage present challenges that are at the forefront of Australian consciousness. This research provides the first assembly of national geodetic intellect to tackle these complex problems through the development and extension of space-geodetic observational techniques, and drawing upon recent and significant injections into geospatial infrastructure. It will provide the first-ever comprehensive indication of the contemporary state of changes in sea-level, Antarctic ice cover and broad-scale national water storage. This is a collaborative project involving ANU, UNSW, Univ. of Tasmania & CUT: Dr. Paul Tregoning (ANU), Prof. Chris Rizos (UNSW), Prof. Richard Coleman & Dr. Chris Watson (Univ. of Tasmania), Prof. Will Featherstone, Dr. Joseph Awange & Dr. Michael Kuhn at CUT.

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