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Mining Education Australia is one program and one school delivering world class undergraduate education in mining engineering. A national education joint venture between the four major mining education providers in Australia; Curtin UniversityThe University of New South Wales,  The University of Queensland, and now The University of Adelaide, MEA is a world first in undergraduate mining education. MEA is an initiative supported by MTEC.

MEA is different to other Mining Engineering schools. Firstly it is the only national school and is a world first in University Collaboration.   It has world class academic staff and teaching resources with campuses over four states [SA, NSW, QLD and WA].  MEA offers students options to study near your home or at other locations.  The mining industry support MEA and provide opportunities with employment and vacation placements.  There are also excellent opportunities for post graduate research in mining engineering.

There are many reasons to choose MEA for studying Mining Engineering. Firstly MEA is a world class, industry endorsed course that offers you the chance to travel, gain industry experience along with good job prospects at the end of your course. MEA provides the most flexible programs possible including the opportunity for students to transfer between MEA universities. Students get the opportunity to study in Western Australia , Queensland , New South Wales
or a combination of all. There is also the option of completing studies at the one location.

Transfer From Your Existing Degree
As part of the flexible structure of MEA, students who have completed two years of a suitable engineering degree and meet entry requirements, can transfer into an MEA course and graduate as a Mining Engineer after just two years of study in Australia. This provides the opportunity for civil or mechanical engineering students to specialise in mining and take advantage of a booming industry that is short on engineers and excellent starting salaries.

Industry Experience While You Study

Industry vacation work is part of the mining culture in Australia and industry make over 600 vacation placements available for students. Vacation work and Experience placements not only enhance learning but also provide pathways to professional employment after studying.

Students must be a 2nd year mining student or have completed a two year program of study or courses of a similar nature to those in the mining program. It is possible to undertake a double degree please check with each university as to specific requirements.


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