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Real-time Digital Simulation (RTS) Laboratory at UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney and the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications host the largest Real-time Digital Simulation Laboratory in Australia with extended simulation capabilities in the areas of:

  • High-voltage DC networks.
  • Multiterminal DC grids
  • Power System Protection Relay Testing
  • Renewable Energy Systems Controller testing
  • Smart Grids
  • Microgrids.
  • Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Distributed Generation
  • Power Electronics.
  • Control System Testing.
  • Controller Hardware-in-the-loop
  • Power Hardware-in-the-loop Testing.

Real-time digital power system simulation provides an accurate, reliable and cost-effective method to simulate, verify and experiment with multiple technologies, functions, operations and control from individual components to small and large scale power systems.

Our Hardware:

The RTS Lab @ UNSW Sydney features:

  • An 18-rack RTDS system with 90 PB5 processor boards
    • Among Largest RTDS in academic and research institutions globally
    • 216  Analogue input and output channels
    • 1152 digital optically isolated input and output channels
    • 4 three-phase Omicron amplifiers for secondary injection testing of protection relays
    • 2 Schneider Electric Easergy P3 Protection Relay for Protection Hardware in the loop testing
    • PMU and IEC61850 emulation
    • uPMU hardware in the loop
  • An OPAL-RT OP5600 - OP5607
    • 6+1 cores enabled HyperSIM simulation - the largest HyperSIM Simulator in Australia
    • 15000 node RMS simulation capabilities with OPAL-RT's ePHASORsim
    • Real-time simulation of Modular Multilevel Converters with up to 100 SM in each arm
  • 4x  OPAL-RT OP4500
    • Simulation of Power Electronics at us resolution
    • Expansion of our main OP5600 simulator
    • 2 fully enabled simulation cores for control and power system real-time simulations in each OP4500
Integration with our Power Electronics Laboratory
RTS@UNSW is connected to the Power Electronics Research Laboratory via two optical fiber links. This allows us to complete power hardware-in-the-loop testing of physical equipment using our Regatron TC.ACS.50.480.400 four quadrant grid simulators, the microgrid located in the lab as well as our complete range of multilevel converters.


The RTS Lab is housed in the state-of-the-art Tyree Energy Technologies Building (TETB)


Our Simulation Capabilities:

  • Simulation of up to 864 three-phase electrical nodes (or 2592 single-phase nodes) at a 50 us time-step using our RTDS Simulator
  • More than 1500 electrical nodes using our OPAL-RT HyperSIM simulator
  • Large-scale power system components (Synchronous Generators – Transmission Lines  - Cables)
  • Instrumentation (CT – CVT - PT), filters and passive elements
  • Power Electronics  simulations at a 2 us time-step
  • Average and switching models of Modular Multilevel Converters (MMCs) with up to 256 Sub-modules



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