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  Research Group Activities Update
30 May 2019

We hosted Dr Santanu De from IIT Kanpur, who gave a special seminar on "On applications of the stochastic multiple mapping conditioning approach to turbulent nonpremixed and premixed combustion".

17 May 2019

Congratulations to Paul Yip who has graduated with 1st Class Honors in Bachelor of Engineering, from the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, UNSW Sydney! Paul is currently undertaking his PhD study with us, studying "Dual-fuel in Hydrogen Compression Ignition Engine". 

14 March 2019

We hosted A/Prof Eric Lee from City University of Hong Kong, who gave an electrifying talk on machine learning methods and how they can be to facilitate next-generation research.

4 March 2019

Paul Yip and Sensen Xing from UNSW Advanced Combustion Diagnostics Group secured scholarships to attend the 2019 conference on Future of Fuel,  hosted and organized by the Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) at KAUST.

16-21 Dec 2018

We (UNSW Sydney and USYD) organised the first ever Australian Combustion Summer School. We were able to attract AUD110,000+ in conference sponsorship from International Combustion Institute, Australian Combustion Institute, UNSW and USYD to fully support the attendance of 70+ early career researchers and students. 

Photo: Lab visit to UNSW Sydney, as part of the Summer School social program.

Photo (Left to Right): Prof. Vasily Novozhilov , Dr Shaun Chan, Dr Sui Boon Liaw and Prof Assaad Masri.

7 Aug 2018

We visited A/Prof. Guang Hong and her team at the Engine Research Laboratory, University of Technology Sydney. 

Photo (Left to Right): Dr Yuhan Huang, Paul Yip, Dr Shaun Chan, A/Prof Guang Hong and Mark Zhai.

2 Aug 2018

We have hosted an ARC Fire Training Centre meeting between Prof Yuan Hu's research group (State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and Technology China) for an ARC Training Centre meeting and UNSW Sydney.

20 June 2018

Congratulations to Mr Henry Mei,who has received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) from UNSW Sydney! Henry has led the design, installation and implementation of a high-pressure pneumatic pump for alternative fuel research during his undergraduate research thesis. He is currently working at Huawei, Australia.

24 Apr 2018

Congratulations to Mr Michael Caizhi Ming, who has received his Masters by Research degree, for his thesis titled: "Combustion characterisation of biodiesels with single and multiple injection strategies under simulated engine conditions"! Michael is currently working as an associate consultant at Ipsos Business Consulting.