Qualtrics is an easy-to-use, web-based platform for creating and distributing online surveys and is appropriate for any discipline of study. UNSW holds an institutional license for this platform.

To access, please click HERE

Why should I use Qualtrics?
  • Survey design - create a unique survey experience using piping and conditional logic
  • Survey distribution - distribute your survey for anonymous responses or to focus groups
  • Collaboration - invite collaborators to your project with detailed access management
  • Security - if using enterprise license, data is hosted in NSW, Australia*. Qualtrics is suitable for data classified as Highly Sensitive or below
  • Free - free-of-charge for all UNSW researchers


*If you are not using an enterprise UNSW instance of Qualtrics (unsw.qualtrics.com), your data may be stored overseas. To check, please contact itservicecentre@unsw.edu.au

Getting Started
  1. Go to: https://unsw.qualtrics.com
  2. Log in with zID@ad.unsw.edu.au and zPass
  3. Create a project or be invited into one
Online resources & training

Online resources are available here: https://www.qualtrics.com/support/

Video tutorials are available here: https://basecamp.qualtrics.com/series/learn-to-use-qualtrics-research-core

When accessing video tutorials, you will be prompted to log in. Please click "Sign in with SSO" and use the Organization ID "unsw" to be taken to our log in page. 



Find help

Please contact the Qualtrics Service Desk for functional and technical queries.

  • By clicking "Help" at the top right corner of Qualtrics page
  • Self-service: https://support-portal.qualtrics.com/


Please contact the ICT Service Desk if you have login issues, require Brand Administrator actions (e.g. transferring ownership) or to escalate an issue.