FastPASS Contracts

FastPASS Contracts are pre-approved terms that allow UNSW Researchers to FastPASS, entering into contracts quickly and on general terms and conditions.

If any changes are required to the pre-approved terms, or payment terms are not favourable to UNSW, the agreement will be managed through the Negotiated Grants and Contracts or Bespoke Research Agreements streams.

FastPASS Agreements Model

To submit a FastPASS Contract to the RGC, complete the corresponding FastPASS form below. 

Important to note:

  • Share this page with your sponsor to ensure they agree with the pre-approved terms and conditions prior to submitting a FastPASS contract to RGC
  • UNSW lead Chief Investigator (CI) to submit all FastPASS Contracts to RGC. We are currently exploring options for the forms to be completed by an alternate delegate with an option for the CI to approve prior to submission to RGC
  • You are required to obtain all necessary approvals and comply with all relevant UNSW policies and procedures


This is an example of the FastPass workflow for the Research Services Agreement. Note you are at Step 1.