Version control systems like GitHub and Azure Devops record changes to files over time, allowing you to go back to older versions, create new branches for experimentation. Version control is most useful for keeping track of programming code, large websites,  documentation, and other collections of information. Using one of these cloud-based version control systems uploads copies of your data to the service. These repositories are able to be private (only accessible by invited people), or Public, where the public can view the data. If you do this, be sure to apply a license to your data, and be aware that all files and their contents will be publicly available. 

UNSW has an organisation in GitHub for staff members, joining this gives you access to additional benefits of the educational license, and you will also be able to use the UNSW-only GitHub repositories like:

  • Restech-HPC - Example job scripts for Katana and NCI.
  • UNSW-Data-Archive - Scripts for uploading data to and downloading data from the UNSW Data Archive.
  • UNSW-eNotebook-LabArchives - A repository for UNSW eNotebook (LabArchives) widgets and other things.

There is even a UNSW specific LaTeX thesis template!

How to sign up to the UNSW GitHub organisation

To join the UNSW organisation, follow these steps:

  1. Open
  2. Look to see if is in the list. If not then:
    1. Click on the "..." menu in the top right and click "+ Request new apps"
    2. Click on "" and press "Add"
    3. Now wait until it appears which may take up to 40 minutes before provisioning is complete (you may need to refresh your browser).
  3. Click on "" icon
  4. You will see "Single sign-on to UNSW Sydney", press the green "continue" button to validate your UNSW identity with GitHub.
  5. You associate your UNSW identity with a GitHub account – you can use an existing GitHub account, or create a new one.
    • Interaction with repositories under the UNSW GitHub organisation requires a session authenticated using your UNSW identity – using Git on the command line or the GitHub API needs an authorised access token or SSH key. See GitHub's guide 'About authentication with SAML single sign-on'.

Once you have signed up to the UNSW organisation

  • Check out the UNSW repositories at
  • Create a repository under your account.
  • Create a team for your research group or request to be added to one that already exists.
  • Sign up for training in how to use Git.
  • Come along to Hacky Hour and ask your Git questions.