Need help with your code? Not sure where to store your data?

ResTech Drop-In Hour is an informal drop-in session for UNSW researchers who have questions or need help with coding, data management and analysis, digital tools or High-Performance Computing.

The ResTech Drop-In Hour provides an opportunity for researchers to discuss their e-research problems with their peers and experts in the field. Specialists who will be available to you in our sessions include the Computing team, Research Data team, and representatives from Stats Central.

Don’t have a problem that needs solving? Come along anyway and meet fellow researchers or listen to our experts. This is a perfect opportunity to assist your peers or potentially collaborate with people outside your discipline.

Any UNSW researcher is welcome to join!


Join online

Join our Research Technology Training Microsoft Teams group (instructions below) and post your enquiry in the ResTech Drop-In channel (formerly known as Hacky Hour). Once posted join our weekly Teams meetings

Time: 1-2pm (AEDT)

Days: Every Wednesday

Link: The meeting link will be posted each week so make sure you’ve joined the Microsoft Teams group.

How to connect to our Microsoft Teams group

  1. Open and login to Microsoft Teams via the application or website using your UNSW credentials

  2. On the left column select Teams Teams icon   Note: you may need to double click if you already have a Team open.

  3. At the top right corner select Join or create a team Join or create a team

  4. In the search box at the top right corner, type a specific Research Technology Training in the search box and press Enter.

  5. Once you’ve found the Team, select Join Team.

Join in-person

Once a month we will be holding hybrid sessions of our ResTech Drop-In Hour. You can either join us online using the above instructions or meet in-person at the Level 2 Student Lounge in The Library. Those who join in-person will be hear a specialised talk from a guest speaker.

Time: 1-2pm (AEDT)

Days: Last Wednesday of each month

Location: Level 2 Student Lounge, The Library

These sessions are a great opportunity to meet fellow researchers from other disciplines.