Infrastructure Funding Schemes

The Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research Infrastructure) provides strategic advice for external infrastructure funding schemes. The main infrastructure specific funding schemes are listed below. Please contact us via if you are considering applying to either scheme.

ARC Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

The PVCRI will assist applicants to the ARC LIEF scheme with strategic advice on their new and resubmitted applications. Resources to assist you with your application will be available on the Research Grants & Contracts dedicated LIEF resource page closer to the opening date of the round.

In the meantime, please see some preliminary information below.

All UNSW researchers intending to apply for an ARC LIEF grant (through UNSW or as part of a bid led by another Institution) commencing in 2023 (LE23) must complete and submit:

  1. A brief early Expression of Interest (EOI) - due Nov 22 2021 (required only for UNSW led bids), and
  2. A full Notification of Intent (NOI) - due Feb 4 2022 (required for both UNSW and non-UNSW led bids)


Early Expression of Interest:

The early EOI process for the 2023 round will follow a similar process to last year:

  • The purpose of the early EOI process is to collect a high level summary of all infrastructure being requested via LIEF across the NSW/ACT universities to identify strategic collaboration opportunities early, and allow for timely feedback to researchers where appropriate.
  • This year the early EOI’s across NSW/ACT will be collected centrally by an online form. Early EOI's are due November 22 2021
  • Recognising that not all details will be in place for the Early EOI date, only minimal information is required at this stage. A January deadline is provided for full NOIs to be finalised.
  • An early EOI is required only if UNSW is the lead institution, however you are welcome to provide information on non-UNSW bids via the same process if you wish.
  • As last year, UNSW, along with the other NSW universities, is looking at adjusting the University co-funding to come in close to the 25% ARC requirement, rather than the generous ratios offered in recent years

Link to the online early EOI form:


Full Notice of Intent (NOI) Workbook:

Please note that the above early EOI does not replace the requirement for a full NOI, which is a formal application to the University for financial and in-kind support for your LIEF application.

An NOI is required for ALL LE23 applications, whether led by us or another institution. The workbook and instructions can be downloaded here:

 Key Dates for ARC LIEF 2023:

  • Internal deadline for NSW/ACT early EOIs:

22 November 2021 

9 December 2021 - 09:30am via Teams

  • Proposals open in RMS 

27 January 2022

  • Full Notice of Intent (NOI) deadline:
4 February 2022
  • Internal Strategic Workshop for Applicants

Early-Mid Feb 2022

  • Internal Deadline for Strategic Review

1 March 2022 (TBC)

  • RGC internal deadline for compliance review:

9 March 2022

  • External ARC deadline:

6 April 2022



Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

The ARDC regularly announces funding opportunities to support research data initiatives of national significance. The link to the ARDC web page is found here: Open calls - ARDC. UNSW, through the ResTech, can provide strategic support and in some cases co-funding, to support projects meeting UNSW priorities.   

For initial enquiries please email

UNSW 3Rs Grant Scheme

The principles of the 3Rs are central to the ethical conduct of research involving animals and are defined in the Governing Principles of Australia’s animal research Code as:

  • Replacement of animals with other methods; 
  • Reduction in the number of animals used; and
  • Refinement of techniques used to minimise the adverse impact on animals.

To highlight our commitment to these principles, the UNSW 3Rs Grant Scheme has been developed to support science-based projects with a primary goal of replacing, reducing or refining the use of animals in biomedical research.

Further information may be found here