Jupyter notebooks

including Katana on Demand (KOD)

Jupyter (formerly IPython) is an open-source web application that enables the consolidation of narrative text (markdown), live code (Python, R, and F#) and visualisations onto a single, sharable notebook. At UNSW, Katana OnDemand is the Jupyter notebook platform that is available to all UNSW researchers. Alternatively, UNSW researchers can access CloudStor SWAN. These platforms are not appropriate for Sensitive data or above.  


To access Katana OnDemand (requires UNSW VPN connection), please click HERE

To access CloudStor SWAN, please click HERE

Why should I use Jupyter notebooks?
  • Context - store your codes with the contextual information in one place, providing a bird's-eye view on the progress of your project
  • Iterative Exploration - execute your code, see how it performs, modify and repeat
  • Accessibility - access your work, anywhere and anytime with internet connection
  • Collaboration - share your work in real-time
Getting Started - Katana OnDemand
  1. Request access at https://research.unsw.edu.au/katana 
  2. Go to https://kod.restech.unsw.edu.au
  3. Sign in with your UNSW zID and zPass
Getting Started - CloudStor SWAN
  1. Go to https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/ 
  2. Select The University of New South Wales (UNSW) 
  3. Sign in with your UNSW zID and zPass
  4. Click on SWAN in the menu bar at the top of the screen