Notification of Research Involving Publicly Available Datasets

The notification process is to be used to register research involving access to publicly available datasets that contain non-identifiable data. An automatic acknowledgement will be issued for all research registered using this process.  

Notification Form

Research involving data accessed from the following approved publicly available data sets can be notified using this process.

Submission and Review Requirements
  • Supervisors are to complete and submit the online notification form.
  • All sections of the form are to be completed, and the submit button is to be selected.
  • A confirmation of the submission page will appear if submitted correctly. The research team is to save a copy of the page as evidence of registration using this process. A formal ethics approval letter will not be issued.
  • Submission closing dates do not apply to this process. However, the notification must be made before the data is extracted from the publicly available dataset.
  • Research submitted using this process will not be assigned to a meeting agenda for review by a Human Research Advisory Panel or Human Research Ethics Committee.
Monitoring and Compliance

The research compliance checks using this process will be completed by the Research Ethics Compliance Support Human Ethics Team.

Failure to research the plan included in the Notification of Research Involving Publicly Available Datasets Form, the requirements of this process, the National Statement, or UNSW procedures and guidelines will result in withdrawal of acknowledgement issued using this process and will be referred on for review via the UNSW misconduct procedure.