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Ostafe A; Shparlinski IE, 2017, 'Orbits of algebraic dynamical systems in subgroups and subfields', in Elsholtz C; Grabner P (ed.), Number Theory - Diophantine Problems, Uniform Distribution and Applications: Festschrift in Honour of Robert F. Tichy's 60th Birthday, Springer, pp. 347 - 368,

Ostafe A; Sha M, 2016, 'Counting dynamical systems over finite fields', in Contemporary Mathematics, pp. 187 - 203,

Ostafe A, 2013, 'Iterations of Rational Functions: Some Algebraic and Arithmetic Aspects', in Finite Fields and Their Applications, DE GRUYTER, pp. 197 - 232,

Ostafe A; Winterhof A, 2013, 'Some applications of character sums.', in Mullen GL; Panario D (ed.), Handbook of Finite Fields, CRC Press, pp. 170 - 184,

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