Select Publications


Innes M; Innes H; Dobreva D; Chermak S; Huey L; McGovern A, 2018, From Minutes to Months: A rapid evidence assessment of the impact of media and social media during and after terror events., Crime and Security Research Institute, Cardiff University, Cardiff,

Lee M; Crofts T; McGovern AM; Milivojevic S, 2015, Grant 53/11-12: Sexting and young people: Perceptions, practices, policy and law, Criminology Research Grants program, Australian Institute of Criminology, 53/11-12,

Weber L; Wilson A; Wise J; McGovern A, 2012, Policing migration in Australia : an examination of onshore migration policing networks, Australian Research Council, Canberra, DP0774554

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