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Verduijn J; Tettamanzi GC; Roggea S, 2013, 'Orbital structure and transport characteristics of single donors', in Prati E; Shinada T (ed.), Single-Atom Nanoelectronics, Pan Stanford Publishing, Stanford, pp. 211 - 230,

Prati E; Morello A, 2013, 'Quantum Information in Silicon Devices Based on Individual Dopants', in Prati E; Shinada T (ed.), Single Atom Nanoelectronics, Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd, pp. 5 - 39,

Morello A, 2008, 'Quantum nanomagnets and nuclear spins: an overview', in Barbara B; Imry Y; Sawatzky G; Stamp PCE (ed.), Quantum Magnetism, edn. 1, Springer, Berlin, pp. 125 - 138,

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