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Adambukulam C; Scott JA; Lim SQ; Aharonovich I; Morello A; Laucht A, 2024, Coherent all-optical control of a solid-state spin via a double $\Lambda$-system,

Vaartjes A; Kringhøj A; Vine W; Day T; Morello A; Pla JJ, 2023, Strong Microwave Squeezing Above 1 Tesla and 1 Kelvin, ,

Jakob A; Robson S; Firgau H; Mourik V; Schmitt V; Holmes D; Posselt M; Mayes E; Spemann D; Morello A; Jamieson D, 2023, Scalable Atomic Arrays for Spin-Based Quantum Computers in Silicon, ,

Vine W; Kringhøj A; Savytskyi M; Parker D; Schenkel T; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Morello A; Pla JJ, 2023, Latched Detection of Zeptojoule Spin Echoes with a Kinetic Inductance Parametric Oscillator, ,

Stemp HG; Asaad S; van Blankenstein MR; Vaartjes A; Johnson MAI; Mądzik MT; Heskes AJA; Firgau HR; Su RY; Yang CH; Laucht A; Ostrove CI; Rudinger KM; Young K; Blume-Kohout R; Hudson FE; Dzurak AS; Itoh KM; Jakob AM; Johnson BC; Jamieson DN; Morello A, 2023, Tomography of entangling two-qubit logic operations in exchange-coupled donor electron spin qubits, ,

Jakob AM; Robson SG; Firgau HR; Mourik V; Schmitt V; Holmes D; Posselt M; Mayes ELH; Spemann D; Morello A; Jamieson DN, 2023, Scalable Atomic Arrays for Spin-Based Quantum Computers in Silicon, ,

Adambukulam C; Johnson BC; Morello A; Laucht A, 2023, Hyperfine spectroscopy and fast, all-optical arbitrary state initialization and readout of a single, ten-level ${}^{73}$Ge vacancy nuclear spin qudit in diamond, ,

Holmes D; Wilhelm B; Jakob AM; Yu X; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Dzurak AS; Jamieson DN; Morello A, 2023, Improved placement precision of implanted donor spin qubits in silicon using molecule ions, ,

Joecker B; Stemp HG; Fuentes IFD; Johnson MAI; Morello A, 2023, Error channels in quantum nondemolition measurements on spin systems, ,

Üstün G; Morello A; Devitt S, 2023, Single-Step Parity Check Gate Set for Quantum Error Correction, ,

Fuentes IFD; Botzem T; Johnson MAI; Vaartjes A; Asaad S; Mourik V; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Johnson BC; Jakob AM; McCallum JC; Jamieson DN; Dzurak AS; Morello A, 2023, Navigating the 16-dimensional Hilbert space of a high-spin donor qudit with electric and magnetic fields, ,

Gupta P; Vaartjes A; Yu X; Morello A; Sanders BC, 2023, Robust Macroscopic Schrödinger's Cat on a Nucleus, ,

Vine W; Savytskyi M; Parker D; Slack-Smith J; Schenkel T; McCallum JC; Johnson BC; Morello A; Pla JJ, 2022, In-situ amplification of spin echoes within a kinetic inductance parametric amplifier, ,

Wang Z; Feng M; Serrano S; Gilbert W; Leon RCC; Tanttu T; Mai P; Liang D; Huang JY; Su Y; Lim WH; Hudson FE; Escott CC; Morello A; Yang CH; Dzurak AS; Saraiva A; Laucht A, 2022, Jellybean quantum dots in silicon for qubit coupling and on-chip quantum chemistry, ,

Savytskyy R; Botzem T; Fuentes IFD; Joecker B; Pla JJ; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Jakob AM; Johnson BC; Jamieson DN; Dzurak AS; Morello A, 2022, An electrically-driven single-atom `flip-flop' qubit, ,

Heinrich AJ; Oliver WD; Vandersypen L; Ardavan A; Sessoli R; Loss D; Jayich AB; Fernandez-Rossier J; Laucht A; Morello A, 2022, Quantum-Coherent Nanoscience, ,

Robson SG; Räcke P; Jakob AM; Collins N; Firgau HR; Schmitt V; Mourik V; Morello A; Mayes E; Spemann D; Jamieson DN, 2022, Near-Surface Electrical Characterisation of Silicon Electronic Devices Using Focused keV Ions, ,

Gilbert W; Tanttu T; Lim WH; Feng M; Huang JY; Cifuentes JD; Serrano S; Mai PY; Leon RCC; Escott CC; Itoh KM; Abrosimov NV; Pohl H-J; Thewalt MLW; Hudson FE; Morello A; Laucht A; Yang CH; Saraiva A; Dzurak AS, 2022, On-demand electrical control of spin qubits, ,

Dzurak AS; Epps J; Laucht A; Malaney R; Morello A; Nurdin HI; Pla JJ; Saraiva A; Yang CH, 2021, Development of an Undergraduate Quantum Engineering Degree, ,

Johnson MAI; Mądzik MT; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Jakob AM; Jamieson DN; Dzurak A; Morello A, 2021, Beating the thermal limit of qubit initialization with a Bayesian Maxwell's demon, ,

Joecker B; Baczewski AD; Gamble JK; Pla JJ; Saraiva A; Morello A, 2020, Full configuration interaction simulations of exchange-coupled donors in silicon using multi-valley effective mass theory, ,

Adambukulam C; Sewani VK; Stemp HG; Asaad S; Mądzik MT; Morello A; Laucht A, 2020, An ultra-stable 1.5 tesla permanent magnet assembly for qubit experiments at cryogenic temperatures, ,

Morello A; Pla JJ; Bertet P; Jamieson DN, 2020, Donor spins in silicon for quantum technologies, ,

Jakob AM; Robson SG; Schmitt V; Mourik V; Posselt M; Spemann D; Johnson BC; Firgau HR; Mayes E; McCallum JC; Morello A; Jamieson DN, 2020, Deterministic Single Ion Implantation with 99.87% Confidence for Scalable Donor-Qubit Arrays in Silicon, ,

Yoneda J; Huang W; Feng M; Yang CH; Chan KW; Tanttu T; Gilbert W; Leon RCC; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Morello A; Bartlett SD; Laucht A; Saraiva A; Dzurak AS, 2020, Coherent spin qubit transport in silicon, ,

Sewani VK; Stöhr RJ; Kolesov R; Vallabhapurapu HH; Simmet T; Morello A; Laucht A, 2020, Spin thermometry and spin relaxation of optically detected Cr3+ ions in ruby Al2O3, ,

Mądzik MT; Laucht A; Hudson FE; Jakob AM; Johnson BC; Jamieson DN; Itoh KM; Dzurak AS; Morello A, 2020, Conditional quantum operation of two exchange-coupled single-donor spin qubits in a MOS-compatible silicon device, ,

Chatterjee A; Stevenson P; De Franceschi S; Morello A; de Leon N; Kuemmeth F, 2020, Semiconductor Qubits In Practice, ,

Chan KW; Sahasrabudhe H; Huang W; Wang Y; Yang HC; Veldhorst M; Hwang JCC; Mohiyaddin FA; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Saraiva A; Morello A; Laucht A; Rahman R; Dzurak AS, 2020, Exchange coupling in a linear chain of three quantum-dot spin qubits in silicon, ,

Seedhouse A; Tanttu T; Leon RCC; Zhao R; Tan KY; Hensen B; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Yoneda J; Yang CH; Morello A; Laucht A; Coppersmith SN; Saraiva A; Dzurak AS, 2020, Pauli Blockade in Silicon Quantum Dots with Spin-Orbit Control, ,

Blocher PD; Asaad S; Mourik V; Johnson MAI; Morello A; Mølmer K, 2020, Measuring out-of-time-ordered correlation functions without reversing time evolution, ,

Mądzik MT; Ladd TD; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Jakob AM; Johnson BC; Jamieson DN; McCallum JC; Dzurak AS; Laucht A; Morello A, 2019, Controllable freezing of the nuclear spin bath in a single-atom spin qubit, ,

Asaad S; Mourik V; Joecker B; Johnson MAI; Baczewski AD; Firgau HR; Mądzik MT; Schmitt V; Pla JJ; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; McCallum JC; Dzurak AS; Laucht A; Morello A, 2019, Coherent electrical control of a single high-spin nucleus in silicon, ,

Hensen B; Huang WW; Yang C-H; Chan KW; Yoneda J; Tanttu T; Hudson FE; Laucht A; Itoh KM; Ladd TD; Morello A; Dzurak AS, 2019, A silicon quantum-dot-coupled nuclear spin qubit, ,

Yang CH; Leon RCC; Hwang JCC; Saraiva A; Tanttu T; Huang W; Lemyre JC; Chan KW; Tan KY; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Morello A; Pioro-Ladrière M; Laucht A; Dzurak AS, 2019, Silicon quantum processor unit cell operation above one Kelvin, ,

Leon RCC; Yang CH; Hwang JCC; Lemyre JC; Tanttu T; Huang W; Chan KW; Tan KY; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Morello A; Laucht A; Pioro-Ladriere M; Saraiva A; Dzurak AS, 2019, Coherent spin control of s-, p-, d- and f-electrons in a silicon quantum dot, ,

Zhao R; Tanttu T; Tan KY; Hensen B; Chan KW; Hwang JCC; Leon RCC; Yang CH; Gilbert W; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Kiselev AA; Ladd TD; Morello A; Laucht A; Dzurak AS, 2018, Single-spin qubits in isotopically enriched silicon at low magnetic field, ,

Tenberg SB; Asaad S; Mądzik MT; Johnson MAI; Joecker B; Laucht A; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Jakob AM; Johnson BC; Jamieson DN; McCallum JC; Dzurak AS; Joynt R; Morello A, 2018, Electron spin relaxation of single phosphorus donors in metal-oxide-semiconductor nanoscale devices, ,

West A; Hensen B; Jouan A; Tanttu T; Yang CH; Rossi A; Gonzalez-Zalba MF; Hudson FE; Morello A; Reilly DJ; Dzurak AS, 2018, Gate-based single-shot readout of spins in silicon, ,

Tanttu T; Hensen B; Chan KW; Yang H; Huang W; Fogarty M; Hudson F; Itoh K; Culcer D; Laucht A; Morello A; Dzurak A, 2018, Controlling spin-orbit interactions in silicon quantum dots using magnetic field direction, ,

Yang CH; Chan KW; Harper R; Huang W; Evans T; Hwang JCC; Hensen B; Laucht A; Tanttu T; Hudson FE; Flammia ST; Itoh KM; Morello A; Bartlett SD; Dzurak AS, 2018, Silicon qubit fidelities approaching incoherent noise limits via pulse engineering, ,

Huang W; Yang CH; Chan KW; Tanttu T; Hensen B; Leon RCC; Fogarty MA; Hwang JCC; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Morello A; Laucht A; Dzurak AS, 2018, Fidelity benchmarks for two-qubit gates in silicon, ,

Chan KW; Huang W; Yang CH; Hwang JCC; Hensen B; Tanttu T; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Laucht A; Morello A; Dzurak AS, 2018, Assessment of a silicon quantum dot spin qubit environment via noise spectroscopy, ,

Fogarty MA; Chan KW; Hensen B; Huang W; Tanttu T; Yang CH; Laucht A; Veldhorst M; Hudson FE; Itoh KM; Culcer D; Morello A; Dzurak AS, 2017, Integrated silicon qubit platform with single-spin addressability, exchange control and robust single-shot singlet-triplet readout, ,

Tosi G; Mohiyaddin FA; Tenberg S; Laucht A; Morello A, 2017, Robust electric dipole transition at microwave frequencies for nuclear spin qubits in silicon, ,

Mourik V; Asaad S; Firgau H; Pla JJ; Holmes C; Milburn GJ; McCallum JC; Morello A, 2017, Exploring quantum chaos with a single nuclear spin, ,

Ferdous R; Chan KW; Veldhorst M; Hwang JCC; Yang CH; Klimeck G; Morello A; Dzurak AS; Rahman R, 2017, Interface induced spin-orbit interaction in silicon quantum dots and prospects for scalability, ,

Muhonen JT; Dehollain JP; Laucht A; Simmons S; Kalra R; Hudson FE; Jamieson DN; McCallum JC; Itoh KM; Dzurak AS; Morello A, 2017, Coherent control via weak measurements in $^{31}$P single-atom electron and nuclear spin qubits, ,

Vandersypen LMK; Bluhm H; Clarke JS; Dzurak AS; Ishihara R; Morello A; Reilly DJ; Schreiber LR; Veldhorst M, 2016, Interfacing spin qubits in quantum dots and donors - hot, dense and coherent, ,

Hwang JCC; Yang CH; Veldhorst M; Hendrickx N; Fogarty MA; Huang W; Hudson FE; Morello A; Dzurak AS, 2016, Impact of g-factors and valleys on spin qubits in a silicon double quantum dot, ,

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