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Collins AM; Ohlin M; Corcoran M; Heather JM; Ralph D; Law M; Martínez-Barnetche J; Ye J; Richardson E; Gibson WS; Rodriguez OL; Peres A; Yaari G; Watson CT; Lees WD, 2023, AIRR-C Human IG Reference Sets: curated sets of immunoglobulin heavy and light chain germline genes, ,

Peres A; Lees WD; Rodriguez OL; Lee NY; Polak P; Hope R; Kedmi M; Collins AM; Ohlin M; Kleinstein SH; Watson CT; Yaari G, 2022, IGHV allele similarity clustering improves genotype inference from adaptive immune receptor repertoire sequencing data, ,

Kos JT; Safonova Y; Shields KM; Silver CA; Lees WD; Collins AM; Watson CT, 2022, Characterization of Extensive Diversity In Immunoglobulin Light Chain Variable Germline Genes Across Biomedically Important Mouse Strains, ,

Jackson KJL; Kos JT; Lees W; Gibson WS; Smith ML; Peres A; Yaari G; Corcoran M; Busse CE; Ohlin M; Watson CT; Collins AM, 2022, A BALB/c IGHV Reference Set, defined by haplotype analysis of long-read VDJ-C sequences from F1 (BALB/c / C57BL/6) mice, ,

Omer A; Peres A; Rodriguez OL; Watson CT; Lees W; Polak P; Collins AM; Yaari G, 2021, T Cell Receptor Beta Germline Variability is Revealed by Inference From Repertoire Data, ,

Watson C; Kos J; Gibson W; Newman L; Deikus G; Busse C; Smith ML; Jackson KJL; Collins A, 2019, A comparison of immunoglobulin IGHV, IGHD and IGHJ genes in wild-derived and classical inbred mouse strains, ,

Gidoni M; Snir O; Peres A; Polak P; Lindeman I; Mikocziova I; Sarna VK; Lundin KEA; Clouser C; Vigneault F; Collins AM; Sollid LM; Yaari G, 2018, Mosaic deletion patterns of the human antibody heavy chain gene locus as revealed by Bayesian haplotyping, ,

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