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Gadde S; Kleynhans A; Holien JK; Bhadbhade M; Nguyen PLD; Mittra R; Yu TT; Carter DR; Parker MW; Marshall GM; Cheung BB; Kumar N, 2023, 'Pyrimido[1,2-a]benzimidazoles as inhibitors of oncoproteins ubiquitin specific protease 5 and MYCN in the childhood cancer neuroblastoma', Bioorganic Chemistry, 136,

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Yuan X; Seneviratne JA; Du S; Xu Y; Chen Y; Jin Q; Jin X; Balachandran A; Huang S; Xu Y; Zhai Y; Lu L; Tang M; Dong Y; Cheung BB; Marshall GM; Shi W; Carter DR; Zhang C, 2022, 'Single-cell profiling of peripheral neuroblastic tumors identifies an aggressive transitional state that bridges an adrenergic-mesenchymal trajectory', Cell Reports, 41,

Xiao L; Karsa M; Ronca E; Bongers A; Kosciolek A; El-Ayoubi A; Revalde JL; Seneviratne JA; Cheung BB; Cheung LC; Kotecha RS; Newbold A; Bjelosevic S; Arndt GM; Lock RB; Johnstone RW; Gudkov AV; Gurova KV; Haber M; Norris MD; Henderson MJ; Somers K, 2022, 'The Combination of Curaxin CBL0137 and Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Panobinostat Delays KMT2A-Rearranged Leukemia Progression', Frontiers in Oncology, 12,

Seneviratne JA; Carter DR; Mittra R; Gifford A; Kim PY; Luo JS; Mayoh C; Salib A; Rahmanto AS; Murray J; Cheng NC; Nagy Z; Wang Q; Kleynhans A; Tan O; Sutton SK; Xue C; Chung SA; Zhang Y; Sun C; Zhang L; Haber M; Norris MD; Fletcher JI; Liu T; Dilda PJ; Hogg PJ; Cheung BB; Marshall GM, 2022, 'Inhibition of mitochondrial translocase SLC25A5 and histone deacetylation is an effective combination therapy in neuroblastoma', International Journal of Cancer,

Nagy Z; Seneviratne JA; Kanikevich M; Chang W; Mayoh C; Venkat P; Du Y; Jiang C; Salib A; Koach J; Carter DR; Mittra R; Liu T; Parker MW; Cheung BB; Marshall GM, 2021, 'An ALYREF-MYCN coactivator complex drives neuroblastoma tumorigenesis through effects on USP3 and MYCN stability', Nature Communications, 12,

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De Wyn J; Zimmerman MW; Weichert‐leahey N; Nunes C; Cheung BB; Abraham BJ; Beckers A; Volders PJ; Decaesteker B; Carter DR; Look AT; De Preter K; Van Loocke W; Marshall GM; Durbin AD; Speleman F; Durinck K, 2021, 'Meis2 is an adrenergic core regulatory transcription factor involved in early initiation of th‐mycn‐driven neuroblastoma formation', Cancers, 13,

Bingul M; Arndt GM; Marshall GM; Black DS; Cheung BB; Kumar N, 2021, 'Synthesis and characterisation of novel tricyclic and tetracyclic furoindoles: Biological evaluation as SAHA enhancer against neuroblastoma and breast cancer cells', Molecules, 26,

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