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Select Publications

Creative Written Works

Vaughan P; Agha Y; Bennett J; Blayney A; Dew A; Hooper A; Ifred B; Lenette C; Lui C; Maror A; McKim J; Ngo A; Ussher J; Wells R; Yahya Y; Boydell K, 2023, Mapping Stigma and Resilience: Body maps created for the Women marginalised by mental health, disability, or refugee background project., Vaughan P, (ed.), Black Dog Institute

Lenette C; Amir N, 2020, ‘Behind each work there is a story of pain’: Nedhal’s art makes her happy,

Lenette C, 2020, Love in exile,

Lenette CD, 2012, From this time forward I pledge., Griffith Review 36: What Is Australia For? Some provocations.

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