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Bond C; Lai JC, 2020, ''"A process of experimentation": intellectual property, war and defence in Australasia'', in Ghosh S (ed.), Forgotten Intellectual Property Lore: Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property, Edward Elgar, pp. 375 - 406,

Bond C, 2019, 'Aspirin Pill', in Op den Kamp C; Hunter D (ed.), A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects, Cambridge University Press, pp. 208 - 215,

Bond CM, 2016, 'Cabined, cribbed, confined, bound in: Copyright in the Australian colonies', in Alexander I; Gomez-Arostegui T (ed.), Research Handbook on the History of Copyright Law, Edward Elgar Publishing, UK, pp. 372 - 390

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