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Gupt GD; Kareri Y; Hester J; Ulrich C; Dhaka RS, 2023, Unveiling the magnetic structure and phase transition of Cr$_2$CoAl using neutron diffraction, ,

Flores JS; Rov R; O'Brien J; Yick S; Pervez MF; Spasovski M; Vella J; Booth N; Gilbert EP; Tretiakov OA; Söhnel T; Ulrich C, 2023, Scaling behaviour of the helical and skyrmion phases of Cu2OSeO3 determined by single crystal small angle neutron scattering, ,

Shukla R; Ulrich C; Dhaka RS, 2022, Investigation of lattice dynamics, magnetism and electronic transport in $\beta$-Na$_{0.33}$V$_2$O$_{5}$, ,

Narayanan N; Graham PJ; Rovillain P; O'Brien J; Bertinshaw J; Yick S; Hester J; Maljuk A; Souptel D; Büchner B; Argyriou D; Ulrich C, 2021, Reduced crystal symmetry as origin of the ferroelectric polarization within the incommensurate magnetic phase of TbMn2O5, ,

O'Brien J; Deng G; Yu D; Ma X; Feng Z; Ren W; Cao S; Robinson RA; McIntyre GJ; Ulrich C, 2021, Giant shifts of crystal-field excitations with temperature as consequence of internal magnetic exchange fields, ,

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Deng G; Yu D; Mole R; Pomjakushina E; Conder K; Kenzelmann M; Yano S-I; Wang C-W; Rule KC; Gardner JS; Luo H; Li S; Ulrich C; Imperia P; Ren W; Cao S; McIntyrea GJ, 2019, Spin dynamics of edge-sharing spin chains in SrCa13Cu24O41, ,

Nehla P; Ulrich C; Dhaka RS, 2018, Investigation of the structural, electronic, transport and magnetic properties of Co$_2$FeGa Heusler alloy nanoparticles, ,

Deng G; Cao Y; Ren W; Cao S; Studer AJ; Gauthier N; Kenzelmann M; Davidson G; Rule KC; Gardner JS; Imperia P; Ulrich C; McIntyre GJ, 2017, Spin Dynamics and Magnetoelectric Coupling Mechanism of Co4Nb2O9, ,

Ulrich C; Khaliullin G; Guennou M; Roth H; Lorenz T; Keimer B, 2015, Spin-orbital excitation continuum and anomalous electron-phonon interaction in the Mott insulator LaTiO$_3$, ,

Callori SJ; Hu S; Bertinshaw J; Yue Z; Danilkin S; Wang XL; Nagarajan V; Klose F; Seidel J; Ulrich C, 2015, Strain-induced magnetic phase transition in SrCoO$_{3-\delta}$ thin films, ,

Kim J-H; Jain A; Reehuis M; Khaliullin G; Peets DC; Ulrich C; Park JT; Faulhaber E; Hoser A; Walker HC; Adroja DT; Walters AC; Inosov DS; Maljuk A; Keimer B, 2014, Competing exchange interactions on the verge of a metal-insulator transition in the two-dimensional spiral magnet Sr$_3$Fe$_2$O$_7$, ,

Bertinshaw J; Brück S; Lott D; Fritzsche H; Khaydukov Y; Soltwedel O; Keller T; Goering E; Audehm P; Cortie DL; Hutchison WD; Ramasse QM; Arredondo M; Maran R; Nagarajan V; Klose F; Ulrich C, 2014, Element-Specific Depth Profile of Magnetism and Stoichiometry at the La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/BiFeO3 Interface, ,

Bertinshaw J; Ulrich C; Günther A; Schrettle F; Wohlauer M; Krohns S; Reehuis M; Studer A; Avdeev M; Quach DV; Groza JR; Tsurkan V; Loidl A; Deisenhofer J, 2013, FeCr$_2$S$_4$ in magnetic fields: possible evidence for a multiferroic ground state, ,

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Raichle M; Reznik D; Lamago D; Heid R; Li Y; Bakr M; Ulrich C; Hinkov V; Hradil K; Lin CT; Keimer B, 2011, Highly anisotropic anomaly in the dispersion of the copper-oxygen bond-bending phonon in superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 from inelastic neutron scattering, ,

Rahlenbeck M; Wagenknecht M; Tsukada A; Koelle D; Kleiner R; Keimer B; Ulrich C, 2010, Raman light scattering study and microstructural analysis of epitaxial films of the electron-doped superconductor La_{2-x}Ce_{x}CuO_{4}, ,

Ulrich C; Ament LJP; Ghiringhelli G; Braicovich L; Sala MM; Pezzotta N; Schmitt T; Khaliullin G; Brink JVD; Roth H; Lorenz T; Keimer B, 2009, Momentum dependence of orbital excitations in Mott-insulating titanates, ,

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Rahlenbeck M; Sun GL; Sun DL; Lin CT; Keimer B; Ulrich C, 2009, Phonon anomalies in pure and underdoped R{1-x}K{x}Fe{2}As{2} (R = Ba, Sr) investigated by Raman light scattering, ,

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Errandonea D; Segura A; Sánchez-Royo JF; Muñoz V; Grima P; Chevy A; Ulrich C, 1996, Investigation of conduction band structure, electron scattering mechanisms and phase transitions in indium selenide by means of transport measurements under pressure, ,

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