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Alic D; Jadric M; Yoon GJ, 2024, 'Hybrid Practice: Exploring the Complexities of Cross-Cultural Collaboration Through the Dialogue of Two International Practices', in Multimodality in Architecture, Springer Nature, pp. 79 - 96,

Alić D, 2019, 'Mapping the war', in Architecture on the Borderline, Routledge, pp. 139 - 156,

Alic D, 2019, 'Mapping the War: Everyday Survival during the Siege of Sarajevo', in Pieris A (ed.), Architecture on the Borderline Boundary Politics and Built Space, Routledge, pp. 139 - 156,

Alic D, 2018, 'Constructive dialogue: In search of an alternative approach to architectural practice', in Ruan X; Ainslie M; Murray A (ed.), Architecture by Hand & Mind, NewSouth Publishing, Sydney

Alic D, 2016, 'From Commemoration to Protest: Sydney’s Civic Heart', in O'Callaghan J; Hogben P; Freestone R (ed.), Sydney’s Martin Place, a cultural and design history, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, pp. 207 - 221

Alic D, 2016, 'Historical Materialism: The Fabric of Communist Yugoslavia’s Architectural Aspirations', in Loschke SK (ed.), Materiality and Architecture, Routledge, New York, pp. 99 - 116,

Alic D, 2016, 'The Making of Suburban Icons: The Case of the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque in Sydney', in Hadjigeorgiou N (ed.), Identity, Belonging and Human Rights: A Multi-disciplinary Perspective, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, United Kingdom, pp. 37 - 46,

Alic D, 2014, 'Ethnic Clubs: 'The dream of tomorrow'', in Hogben P; O'Callaghan J (ed.), Leisure Space, The Transformation of Sydney 1945-1970, edn. 1, NewSouth Publishing, Sydney, pp. 192 - 207,

Alic D, 2013, 'Bosnian Islamic architectural heritage, Modernism and socialism', in Suartika A (ed.), Vernacular Transformations: Architecture, Place, and Tradition, edn. Original, Pustaka Larasan, Bali, pp. 169 - 197

Alic D, 2004, 'Ascribing Significance to Sites of Memory the Sarajevo`s Town Hall', in Somma P (ed.), A War with the City, edn. 1st, Urban International Press, Great Britain, pp. 64 - 85

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