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Stockings C; Hancock E, 2013, Swastika over the Acropolis, BRILL

Hancock EI, 2011, Ernst Röhm: Hitler's SA Chief of Staff, Paperback, Palgrave MacMillan, New York

Hancock EI, 2008, Ernst Rohm Hitler`s SA Chief of Staff, Original, Palgrave MacMillan, New York, USA

Book Chapters

Hancock E, 2018, '‘Remembering Jeff Grey as a colleague', in Stanley P (ed.), , pp. 5 - 5

Hancock EI; McCormack C; Kennelly R; Gilchrist J; Islam J; Northcote M; Thomson K, 2017, 'From Dream to Reality: Sustaining a Higher Education Community of Practice Beyond Initial Enthusiasm', in McDonald J; Cater-Steel A (ed.), Communities of Practice: Facilitating Social Learning in Higher Education, Springer Singapore, Singapore, pp. 599 - 622,

Qiu JXJ; Luo BN; Jackson C; Sanders K, 2016, 'Introduction: Advancing Organizational Theory in a Complex World', in , pp. xv - xviii,

Hancock EI, 2012, 'Introduction', in Advancing Organizational Theory in a Complex World, Frontline Books, Barnsley, pp. xv - xviii,

Hancock EI, 2012, '"They also served": Exaggerating women's role in Australia's wars', in Stockings C (ed.), Anzac's Dirty Dozen: 12 Myths of Australian Military History, edn. 1st, UNSW Press, Sydney, pp. 100 - 111

Hancock EI, 2010, 'Introduction', in The Memoirs of Ernst Röhm, edn. Original, FrontLine Publishers, London, pp. 9 - 12

Hancock EI, 2010, 'Introduction', in Hitler's Storm Troopers A History of the SA The Memoirs of Wilfred von Oven, Pen & Sword Books, Barnsley, pp. 9 - 12

Journal articles

McCormack C; Gilchrist J; Hancock E; Islam J; Kennelly R; Northcote M; Thomson K, 2017, 'The alchemy of facilitation revealed through individual stories and collective narrative', Reflective Practice, vol. 18, pp. 42 - 54,

Stockings CA; Hancock E, 2015, '‘Rethinking Allied relationships during the Greek Campaign, April 1941’, , Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 6-32.', Global War Studies, vol. 11, pp. 6 - 32,

Stockings CA; hancock , 2014, 'The invasion of Greece in 1941 and the Nazi hordes that never were...', Modern Greek Studies (Australia and New Zealand), vol. 16-17, pp. 147 - 164

Hancock EI; Gilchrist J; Islam J; McCormack C; Northcote M, 2013, '‘Collaborative Mentoring - reflection on the role of TATAL in the aftershock of a HERDSA Fellowship Application’', HERDSA News, vol. 35, pp. 16 - 18

Hancock EI, 2013, 'Review of Peter Longerich, Heinrich Himmler', Journal of Military History, vol. 76, pp. 1271 - 1273

Hancock EI, 2012, 'Ernst Rohm versus General Hans Kundt in Bolivia, 1929-30? The curious incident', Journal of Contemporary History, vol. 47, pp. 691 - 708,

Stockings CA; Hancock EI, 2012, 'Reconsidering the Luftwaffe in Greece, 1941', Journal of Military History, vol. 76, pp. 747 - 773

Hancock EI, 2011, 'The Purge of the SA Reconsidered: 'An Old Putschist Trick"?', The Purge of the SA Reconsidered: 'An Old Putschist Trick"?, vol. No. 44, pp. 669 - 683

Hancock EI, 2010, 'Review of 'Martin Kitchen, Rommel's Desert War: Waging World War II in North Africa, 1941-1943', American Historical Review, vol. 115, pp. 1243 - 1244

Hancock EI, 2008, 'Diplomacy with a difference: The Commonwealth office of High Commissioner, 1880-2006', Australian Journal of International Affairs, vol. 62, pp. 431 - 432

Hancock EI, 2008, 'West’s infamous monster barely knowable', The Australian Weekend review, pp. 14 - 14

Hancock EI, 2005, 'Endkampf: Soldiers, civilians, and the death of the third Reich', American Historical Review, vol. 110, pp. 570 - 571

Hancock EI, 2001, 'Book Review', The Age, vol. 1, pp. 8 - 8

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