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Wu F, 2021, 'State and society in extreme times: China’s early response to covid-19 outbreak', China Review, vol. 21, pp. 1 - 5

Wu F; Martus E, 2021, 'Contested environmentalism: the politics of waste in China and Russia', Environmental Politics, vol. 30, pp. 493 - 512,

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Wu F, 2018, 'Chronic Non-compliance and Ineffective Enforcement in Guangzhou', China Policy Journal,

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Christoph Steinhardt H; Wu F, 2016, 'In the name of the public: Environmental protest and the changing landscape of popular contention in China', China Journal, vol. 75, pp. 61 - 82

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Wu F; Peng L, 'The Rise of Non-Governmental Disaster Relief in China', SSRN Electronic Journal,

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