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Aziz H; Csáji G; Cseh Á, 2023, Computational complexity of $k$-stable matchings, ,

Aziz H; Lee BE; Chu SM; Vollen J, 2023, Proportionally Representative Clustering, ,

Aziz H; Lu X; Suzuki M; Vollen J; Walsh T, 2023, Best-of-Both-Worlds Fairness in Committee Voting, ,

Amanatidis G; Aziz H; Birmpas G; Filos-Ratsikas A; Li B; Moulin H; Voudouris AA; Wu X, 2022, Fair Division of Indivisible Goods: Recent Progress and Open Questions, ,

Aziz H; Pal A; Pourmiri A; Ramezani F; Sims B, 2022, Task Allocation using a Team of Robots, ,

Aziz H; Gujar S; Padala M; Suzuki M; Vollen J, 2022, Coordinating Monetary Contributions in Participatory Budgeting, ,

Aziz H; Baychkov A; Biro P, 2021, Cutoff stability under distributional constraints with an application to summer internship matching, ,

Aziz H; Brandl F, 2020, The Vigilant Eating Rule: A General Approach for Probabilistic Economic Design with Constraints, ,

Aziz H; Gaspers S; Sun Z; Walsh T, 2020, From Matching with Diversity Constraints to Matching with Regional Quotas, ,

Aziz H; Moulin H; Sandomirskiy F, 2019, A polynomial-time algorithm for computing a Pareto optimal and almost proportional allocation, ,

Aziz H; Huang X; Mattei N; Segal-Halevi E, 2019, The Constrained Round Robin Algorithm for Fair and Efficient Allocation, ,

Aziz H; Lang J; Monnot J, 2018, Computing and Testing Pareto Optimal Committees, ,

Aziz H; Bogomolnaia A; Moulin H, 2017, Fair mixing: the case of dichotomous preferences, ,

Aziz H; Lee B; Talmon N, 2017, Proportionally Representative Participatory Budgeting: Axioms and Algorithms, ,

Aziz H; Brandl F; Brandt F; Harrenstein P; Olsen M; Peters D, 2017, Fractional Hedonic Games, ,

Segal-Halevi E; Aziz H; Hassidim A, 2017, Fair Allocation based on Diminishing Differences, ,

Aziz H; Luo P; Rizkallah C, 2017, Rank Maximal Equal Contribution: a Probabilistic Social Choice Function, ,

Aziz H; Elkind E; Faliszewski P; Lackner M; Skowron P, 2017, The Condorcet Principle for Multiwinner Elections: From Shortlisting to Proportionality, ,

Aziz H; de Haan R; Rastegari B, 2016, Pareto Optimal Allocation under Uncertain Preferences, ,

Aziz H; Biró P; Gaspers S; de Haan R; Mattei N; Rastegari B, 2016, Stable Matching with Uncertain Linear Preferences, ,

Abeliuk A; Aziz H; Berbeglia G; Gaspers S; Kalina P; Mattei N; Peters D; Stursberg P; Van Hentenryck P; Walsh T, 2016, Interdependent Scheduling Games,

Aziz H; Luo P; Rizkallah C, 2016, Incompatibility of Efficiency and Strategyproofness in the Random Assignment Setting with Indifferences, ,

Aziz H; Lev O; Mattei N; Rosenschein JS; Walsh T, 2016, Strategyproof Peer Selection using Randomization, Partitioning, and Apportionment, ,

Aziz H; Biro P; Lang J; Lesca J; Monnot J, 2016, Efficient Reallocation under Additive and Responsive Preferences, ,

Aziz H; Bouveret S; Lang J; Mackenzie S, 2016, Complexity of Manipulating Sequential Allocation, ,

Aziz H; Harrenstein P; Lang J; Wooldridge M, 2015, Boolean Hedonic Games, ,

Aziz H; Chen J; Filos-Ratsikas A; Mackenzie S; Mattei N, 2015, Egalitarianism of Random Assignment Mechanisms, ,

Aziz H; Brânzei S; Filos-Ratsikas A; Frederiksen SKS, 2015, The Adjusted Winner Procedure: Characterizations and Equilibria, ,

Aleksandrov M; Aziz H; Gaspers S; Walsh T, 2015, Online Fair Division: analysing a Food Bank problem, ,

Aziz H; Seedig HG; von Wedel JK, 2015, On the Susceptibility of the Deferred Acceptance Algorithm, ,

Aziz H; Gaspers S; Mackenzie S; Mattei N; Narodytska N; Walsh T, 2015, Equilibria Under the Probabilistic Serial Rule, ,

Aziz H; Gaspers S; Mackenzie S; Mattei N; Narodytska N; Walsh T, 2015, Manipulating the Probabilistic Serial Rule, ,

Aziz H; Cahan C; Gretton C; Kilby P; Mattei N; Walsh T, 2014, A Study of Proxies for Shapley Allocations of Transport Costs, ,

Aziz H; Brill M; Conitzer V; Elkind E; Freeman R; Walsh T, 2014, Justified Representation in Approval-Based Committee Voting, ,

Aziz H; Gaspers S; Gudmundsson J; Mackenzie S; Mattei N; Walsh T, 2014, Computational Aspects of Multi-Winner Approval Voting, ,

Aziz H; Gaspers S; Mattei N; Narodytska N; Walsh T, 2014, Strategic aspects of the probabilistic serial rule for the allocation of goods, ,

Aziz H; Bachrach Y; Elkind E; Paterson M, 2014, False-Name Manipulations in Weighted Voting Games, ,

Aziz H; Gaspers S; Mackenzie S; Walsh T, 2013, Fair assignment of indivisible objects under ordinal preferences, ,

Aziz H; Brill M; Harrenstein P, 2012, Testing Substitutability of Weak Preferences, ,

Aziz H; Brandt F; Seedig HG, 2010, Stable partitions in additively separable hedonic games, ,

Aziz H; Brandt F; Seedig HG, 2010, Optimal Partitions in Additively Separable Hedonic Games, ,

Aziz H; Lachish O; Paterson M; Savani R, 2009, Wiretapping a hidden network, ,

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