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Cook CN; Rao M; Clyne PJ; Rathbone V; Barrientos C; Boveda A; Diment A; Parra J; Falabella V; Linkie M; Kujirakwinja D; Ostrowski S; Olson K; Patankar V; Rasolofomanan L; Grantham HS, 2024, Evaluating the likelihood for areas important for conservation to be recognized as Other Effective area-based Conservation Measures, ,

Venegas-Li R; Grantham H; Rainey H; Diment A; Tizard R; Watson JEM, 2023, An operational methodology to identify Critical Ecosystem Areas to help nations achieve the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, ,

Pusparini W; Cahyana A; Grantham H; Maxwell S; Soto-Navarro C; Andayani N; Macdonald D; Linkie M, 2022, A Bolder Conservation Future for Indonesia: Conserving Biodiversity, Carbon And Unique Ecosystem In Sulawesi, ,

Keith D; Ghoraba S; Kaly E; Jones K; Oosthuizen A; Obura D; Daniels F; Duarte E; Grantham H; Gudka M; Norman JS; Shannon L; Skowno A; Ferrer-Paris J, 2022, Contributions of Red Lists of Ecosystems to risk-based design and management of protected and conserved areas in Africa, ,

Williams B; Watson J; Beyer H; Klein C; Montgomery J; Runting R; Roberson L; Halpern B; Grantham H; Kuempel C; Frazier M; Venter O; Wenger A, 2021, The global rarity of intact coastal regions, ,

Roberson L; O'Hara C; Watson J; Halpern B; Klein C; Dunn D; Frazier M; Beyer H; Keumpel C; Williams B; Grantham H; Montgomery J; Kark S; Runting R, 2020, Multinational Coordination Required for Conservation of Over 90% of Marine Species, ,

Williams B; Venter O; Allan J; Atkinson S; Rehbein J; Ward M; Marco MD; Grantham H; Ervin J; Goetz S; Hansen A; Jantz P; Pillay R; Rodríguez-Buriticá S; Supples C; Virnig A; Watson JEM, 2020, Change in terrestrial human footprint drives continued loss of intact ecosystems, ,

Shapiro A; Grantham H; Aguilar-Amuchastegui N; Murray N; Gond V; Bonfils D; Rickenbach O, 2020, Forest condition in the Congo Basin for the assessment of ecosystem conservation status, ,

Grantham HS; Duncan A; Evans TD; Jones K; Beyer H; Schuster R; Walston J; Ray J; Robinson J; Callow M; Clements T; Costa HM; DeGemmis A; Elsen PR; Ervin J; Franco P; Goldman E; Goetz S; Hansen A; Hofsvang E; Jantz P; Jupiter S; Kang A; Langhammer P; Laurance WF; Lieberman S; Linkie M; Malhi Y; Maxwell S; Mendez M; Mittermeier R; Murray N; Possingham H; Radachowsky J; Samper C; Silverman J; Shapiro A; Strassburg B; Stevens T; Stokes E; Taylor R; Tear T; Tizard R; Venter O; Visconti P; Wang S; Watson JEM, 2020, Modification of forests by people means only 40% of remaining forests have high ecosystem integrity, ,

Mokany K; Ferrier S; Harwood TD; Ware C; Di Marco M; Grantham HS; Venter O; Hoskins AJ; Watson JEM, 2019, Reconciling global priorities for conserving biodiversity habitat, ,

Jones K; Klein C; Grantham H; Possingham H; Halpern B; Burgess N; Butchart SHM; Robinson J; Kingston N; Watson JEM, 2019, Area requirements to safeguard Earth’s marine species, ,

Jones KR; Klein CJ; Halpern BS; Venter O; Grantham H; Kuempel CD; Shumway N; Friedlander AM; Possingham H; Watson JEM, 2018, The location and protection status of Earth’s diminishing marine wilderness, ,

Williams BA; Venter O; Rehbein JA; Di Marco M; Grantham HS; Ervin J; Goetz S; Hansen AJ; Jantz P; Pillay R; Rodríguez-Buriticá S; Supples C; Virnig ALS, Change in Terrestrial Human Footprint Drives Continued Loss of Intact Ecosystems, ,

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