Select Publications


Phillips J, 2019, Sternberg and Dietrich: The Phenomenology of Spectacle, Oxford University Press, USA,

Phillips JA, 2007, The Equivocation of Reason: Kleist reading Kant, Original, Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA

Phillips JA, 2005, Heidegger`s Volk: Between National Socialism and Poetry, Original, Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA

Book Chapters

Phillips J, 2021, 'Barrie Kosky's Grotesques and the Ecstasy of Theatre', in Phillips J; Severn JR (ed.), Barrie Kosky’s Transnational Theatres, Springer, Cham, pp. 137 - 155,

Phillips J; Severn JR, 2021, 'It Begins with the Theatre: Barrie Kosky’s Workshop', in Phillips J; Severn JR (ed.), Barrie Kosky’s Transnational Theatres, Springer, Cham, pp. 1 - 30,

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Phillips J, 2019, 'Metaphor and the Unprecedented: Byron’s ‘Darkness’ and Responding to Ecological Disaster', in Romantic Climates: Literature and Science in an Age of Catastrophe, Springer International Publishing, pp. 159 - 171,

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Edited Books

Phillips J; Severn JR, (ed.), 2021, Barrie Kosky's Transnational Theatres, Springer, Cham,

Phillips J, (ed.), 2008, Cinematic Thinking: Philosophical Approaches to the New Cinema, Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA,

Journal articles

Phillips J, 2022, 'Kant, the Canon, and Pleasure's Transcendental Sociability', College Literature, vol. 49, pp. 682 - 710,

Phillips J, 2022, 'The Troubling Relationship between Pleasure and Universality in Kant’s Impure Aesthetic Judgements', Kant-Studien, vol. 113, pp. 219 - 237,

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Conference Papers

Phillips J, 2003, 'Beckett's boredom and the spirit of Adorno', in Uhlmann A; Houppermans S; Clement B (eds.), AFTER BECKETT D'APRES BECKETT, EDITIONS RODOPI B V, AUSTRALIA, Sydney, pp. 251 - 259, presented at Samuel Beckett Symposium on After Beckett/d Apres Beckett, AUSTRALIA, Sydney, 06 January 2003 - 09 January 2003,

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