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Kubátová H; Láníček J, 2018, The Jew in Czech and Slovak Imagination, 1938-89, BRILL,

Kubatova H; Lanicek J, 2018, Jew in Czech and Slovak Imagination, 1938-89: Antisemitism, the Holocaust, and Zionism, BRILL,

Kubatova H; Lanicek J, 2018, The Jew in Czech and Slovak Imagination, 1938-89 Antisemitism, the Holocaust, and Zionism Introduction, BRILL,

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Láníček J; Jordan JA, 2013, Governments-in-exile and the Jews During the Second World War, Lanicek J; Jordan JA, (ed.), Mitchell Vallentine

Book Chapters

Lanicek J, 2018, 'Walking on Egg-Shells: The Czechoslovak Exiles and Anti-Semitism in Occupied Europe during the Second World War', in Exile in London The Experience of Czechoslovakia and the Other Occupied Nations, 1939–1945, Charles University in Prague, Karolinum Press, pp. 227 - 254

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Lanicek J, 2017, 'Among the Nations: Children as Czechs, Germans and Jews in Post-1980 Czech Cinematic Representations of the Second World War', in Donald SH; Wilson E; Wright S (ed.), Childhood and Nation in Contemporary World Cinema: Borders and Encounters, BLOOMSBURY PUBL INC, pp. 89 - 102

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Edited Books

Lanicek J; Ottevanger K, (ed.), 2020, Life and Love in Nazi Prague: Letters from an Occupied City, Bloomsbury, London

Hemelryk Donald SJ; Wilson E; Wright S; Blejmar J; Dolgopolov G; Lebeau V; Bruveris K; Lanicek J; Danta S; Flanagan V; Solomon S; Beckett J; Lawrence M; Kilduff H; Qiu Z; Indelicato M, (eds.), 2017, Childhood and Nation in World Cinema: borders and encounters, Bloomsbury, London and New York,

Journal articles

Láníček J, 2023, 'Overview of the Recent Historiography', Eastern European Holocaust Studies, 1, pp. 241 - 245,

Lanicek J, 2021, 'Between Resistance and Collaboration The Ambiguity of the Protectorate Gendarmes’ Service in the Theresienstadt Ghetto (1941-1945)', S:I.M.O.N. SHOAH: INTERVENTION. METHODS. DOCUMENTATION., 8,

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